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Flashing Wheel Scooter technology

Scooters are ruling the hearts of the kids and teens of the present generation. It does not just give a cool dude look, but also acts as a great mobility product. It helps in making your child more active, enhances self-dependency and promotes exercising. If you’re really looking forward to gift your child with something unique and productive, then a flashing wheel scooter could be a great option. Scooters are safer than bicycles and bikes. They do not go rash on the road and causes anyone harm.

And, if you’re really concerned about getting something securer for your child, the Fascol solves it for you. It brings you the best range of Flashing wheel scooter. The aluminum bar isn’t welded but made sturdier. The anti- abrasive flashing and shock absorbent wheels ensure perfect riding. The one rear wheel and two anterior PU flashing wheels render great support to the scooter while the rider is riding. The plastic collar clamps assure no damage to the soft skin of your child. It is also well-equipped with elbow pads and gel knee for sheer safety of your child. Speaking about the versatility of the scooter, it can be used by kids, teens and adults. Yes, the handlebar is modifiable for different heights and stages. The height of the T-bar ranges from 650mm to 900mm.

Talking about the portability of the scooter, it is easy to fold, feasible to carry and quick to assemble. You don’t have to do any hard job for this. So, no matter whether you’re going out on vacations or visiting your granny’s place, you can always carry it along with you. It is recommended for kids from 3 years of age to 17 years. The maximum load supported by the scooter is 60kg.

It is a great commuting vehicle for your kid, if you want them to be independent and free. It will not just serve as an evening time pass but also give your kids a great exercise every time they ride it. Rather than purchasing Xbox or PlayStation, you should buy a scooter which not only enhance their cognitive and developmental skills but also adds to their physical abilities. So, do not think any further. Make this the best toy for your child by booking it now. No wonder, when they’ll spend time with their friends, they will cherish every moment they spend on the scooter and appreciate your effort!


Flashing Wheel Scooter technology

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