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The progress of increasingly sophisticated and innovative technology was created to facilitate human work and provide positive benefits for life. The creation of a machine or robot has helped work that previously used human power. Of course, the work will be completed faster with the help of this kind of technology. Currently also has been created sophisticated computers that are claimed to be able to match the capabilities of the human brain. Technological advances in the era of globalization have provided convenience in human life, but behind the positive impact provided, it will be a negative thing that is harmful if misused. We as humans who live in the era of globalization need to respond to the progress of the time wisely. Then what are the effects of globalization on the world of technology?

1. Ease of accessing Information from the Internet.

It cannot be denied that the rapid flow of globalization dramatically affects the way someone accessing information in cyberspace. Information on the internet can spread faster. So that everyone can obtain the data anywhere and anytime. For example, the presence of television and the internet makes it easy for someone to get the latest information available throughout the world. The ease of accessing this information have a very beneficial impact on human life. Such as the development of the quality of science, enhancing the social mindset, and fostering a tolerant attitude among religious people with extensive knowledge and insight.

2. Ease in Remote Communication.

The development of technology which also expands communication networks has made it easier for humans to communicate with each other. In this all-modern era, we are facilitated by the existence of mobile phones and increasingly broad internet networks. So, we no longer need to write letters and send them by mail when we want to communicate with other people. The existence of applications such as BBM, Line or Whatsapp makes it easy for us to communicate directly with other people. We can even use the video call feature in the form and see the activities of other people we contact at that time.

3. Ease in Transportation Facilities.

The ease in the field of transportation is one of the positive effects of globalization in the area of technology. Traffic that has become a basic necessity for every human being has now experienced very significant development. Everyone who wants to travel to distant places is now facilitated by choice of land, sea and air transportation. Access to get travel tickets is also aided by online ticket sales, both through the official website and online ticket sales service website. These websites provide many choices for travel tickets to any place and make it easier for us to order tickets. Now, we are no longer need to queue at the station or airport if you want to order tickets.


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