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Today’s communication technology in the world is undoubtedly advancing. Nowadays, we have been able to enjoy communication that is influenced by technology. One of the technology is communication technology. In the early 20th-century communication devices such as landlines, radio, fax, and several other communication devices emerged. Along with the development of the times, several communication devices have also developed. Like telephone that may now be starting to be abandoned, because there are already many people who have switched to cell phones. Accompanied by the development of information technology, communication technology has developed rapidly. A term like cyber communication technology has emerged that allows us to use new communication technologies again. Examples of communication technologies that use cyber technology or the internet are e-mail, chat, and so on. Communication technology like that is now used everywhere.

Both communication and transportation technology are growing faster so that people can connect across national borders. Furthermore, the positive impact of information and communication technology in the economic field is increasingly high economic growth, the occurrence of industrialization, and the increasing productivity of the industrial world. Technological advances will enhance the productivity capabilities of the industrial world both in terms of industrial technology and aspects of production. Investment and reinvestment that take place on a large scale that will further increase the productivity of the world economy. In the future, the impact of technological developments in the industrial world will be increasingly significant. Signs have shown that business technology will soon emerge. That will allows consumers to individually make direct contact with factories so that services can be carried out directly and individual tastes can be met. More importantly, consumers no need to go to the store.

In addition to having a good impact, the development of communication technology also has an adverse effect. For example, because the speed of information can be spread, sometimes before the data is proven the truth has sparked controversy in the community. When that happened, it will be difficult to retract the information if there are errors and result in losses from various parties. In addition to misinformation, some even deliberately spread false news to create excitement in the community. Because of the fast development of communication technology, fake news spread very fast through electronic media, TV, and communication tools that are now widely used by people. From this example, you can certainly be more careful in addressing technological developments. Indeed, progress is something good, but it is better if you first understand the functions and effects that can be caused by the event. We should ensure that this technological development leads to a good change and has a positive impact on society.


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