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In order to recreate the models of the future houses and apartments, which have not yet exist in the reality, such popular service as 3D rendering of a house or apartment is increasingly being used today. As the result of usage of special programs to create the three-dimensional model of the housing, there arises a specific idea about future look, in the smallest details. The resulting model can later be used for making a wide variety of documents and cost estimates.

A popular service of apartment’s 3D visualization helps to save a lot of money, because customers will not have to pay on each individual stage: it is real to reduce the possibility of making architectural, engineering, and design mistakes. Thanks to modern simulation, you will see the real model of the future housing. For the contractors, it will be very difficult to make a bad work, and the control over everything will be greatly facilitated.

At the time of the creation of the future three-dimensional projects, a variety of schemes, drawings, sketches and photos can be applied. Visualization projects can include not only residential, but also the surrounding area, for example, to create a common picture of house with a site. 3D visualization of an apartment or house can be created based on existing projects, but it is better to make your own project from the start, as this option helps to create your dream house.

  1. Creating the most accurate models of residential buildings and adjacent territories.
  2. Full implementation of all plans of architects and designers: the model fully transmits all walls, roof, and windows, according to the future sizes and
  3. The transfer of colors and textures of property that does not allow missing even the smallest detail of the developing interior.
  4. Full fitting of a residential building into environment that offers the opportunity to see how your future house and the surrounding landscape will look like.
  5. Development of a unique video with 360 degrees overview, and a possibility to move to any point of the intended object.

Stages of 3D Visualization of Apartment

3D visualization of apartment or house begins to be carried out only after the client selects the general style and size of property.

  • First step is creation of a general layout of the room in a flat first, and then in three dimensions:
    • determining the size of rooms, windows, ceiling height, and others.
    • development of technical details: communications, wiring, lighting and equipment;
    • determining the façade of the cottage or home.
  • The second phase of a 3D visualization of a cottage is picking up the furniture, pillows, curtains, appliances, electric outlets, cameras, lamps, sockets, sensors, switches and other components in the flat drawing and then in three-dimensional form.
  • Third stage is consideration of additional customer requirements and making adjustments.
  • The last step: preparation of documentation that will be required during planning of work by engineers and builders.

As a result of 3D visualization of cottage, you will not need to keep in mind all the small details, because the finished three-dimensional image will help to take into account all the details of future housing as accurately as possible, to represent to client his project and to save a lot of money. With this approach, the client is not only able to save own time, but also will get rid of the unexpected errors.

Creating projects of 3D visualization of the house should be performed by specialists, who are Vrender. They are professional visualizers, designers and 3D animators with more than 4 years of extensive experience. The presence of render farm in these professionals offers the opportunity to reduce the deadline for the creation of visualizations and to increase the speed of delivery of a quality project. Ordering the service is possible on the company’s website.

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