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Doubtlessly, North Carolina has access to probably the best internet services, such as Spectrum internet, AT&T, Century Link, Xfinity, Frontier and more. These services are known for their bundle deals where they combine cable TV and internet together in a package and offer it to their consumers at a market competitive price. However, when it comes to these bundles, people are skeptical. For they consider these bundles as nothing but an extra baggage, which is just putting an extra monetary load over their shoulders. Thus, before we begin jotting down which other than the aforementioned internet and cable TV companies are best for NC residents, let’s look into why product bundling should not be speculated.

Every time businesses intend to sell more of their products, they opt for product bundling. For sellers, this is like one of the easiest ways through which they can make profits. Also, through bundling, businesses can offer more than what they usually give to their customers; something that only results in creating better business credibility. Now looking into internet and cable TV bundles, Telecommunications Companies do this as nothing but a favor to their subscribers, so their consumers can have more for less.

Now pivoting back to what we were actually discussing. If you live in North Carolina, then here are some of the best internet and Cable TV services that we have ranked for you:

1-     Spectrum

Standing at number 1 is the undefeated Spectrum with its top-notch cable TV and internet bundle deals. Spectrum has a preliminary bundle ‘Charter Spectrum Double Play’ priced at $99.97 a year. With a free modem, where else in North Carolina can you get more than 125 HD channels, on-demand content and a super-fast downloading speed up to 100 MBPS? Not only this, for more channels and internet speed, you can opt for Spectrum’s other bundles as well. Talk about real value for money!

2-     DirecTV

Standing at number 2, we have DirecTV. With prices starting from $49.99 a month, DirecTV offers more than 155 channels. DirecTV bundles are also available with AT&T internet packages for $89.99 a month, which give you 155+ HD channels, along with a whopping internet speed up to 100 MBPS. This bundle really lets you control your package so you can keep yourself entertained while staying connected with the internet.

3-     AT&T U-verse TV

Ranked at number 3, we have AT&T U-verse. Priced at $49.99 per month, this is the bundle that ensures you pure entertainment, at extremely affordable prices. U-verse TV is fully digital and lets you access over 180 HD channels. Also if you’d plan to opt for AT&T U-verse TV’s bundle deal, you can save up to $240 a year!

4-     Google Fiber

Ranked at number 4, we have Google Fiber. Google Fiber has some good options for its bundles such as Fiber 1000 + Local TV (priced at $95 a month), Fiber 100 + TV (priced at $140 per month) and Fiber 1000 + TV (priced at $160 a month). All the packages come with a 1 GBPS internet speed that lets you stream your favorite TV shows, in High-Definition without any lagging. Plus, with Fiber TV, you can get an access to hundreds of TV channels, along with a High-Definition DVR, you can record 8 shows at once. If this isn’t proper multitasking, we don’t know what is?

5-     Dish TV

Lastly, standing at number 5, we have Dish TV. With packages starting from $59.99 a month and access of over 190+ channels, Dish TV brings you a great value for money. With no hidden charges and a crystal clear picture quality, Dish TV is nonetheless the most affordable of all.

The Final Word

When it comes to using the best internet and cable TV services, North Carolina is nothing but blessed. For here, the residents can easily find many options that they can compare and then pick the one which they think is the best. Thus, if you’re an NC resident, then we’re hoping we have helped you figure out which of these cable TV and internet plans are good for you on the longer run. You might be a little skeptical in terms of switching from your previous plan to a new one, but let us assure you, by replacing your current bundle for something that offers you more than promised, you will put yourself in an ease for the rest of your life.

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