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The Benefits Of Pre-Lien Notice and How Do The Professionals Help You In This Regard?

The pre-lien notice is also known as preliminary notice and it is a source for confusion for people who are willing to manage their construction lien rights. A majority of confusion arrives in handling pre-lien notice due to the complexity of the construction lien law. Even the experienced attorneys often look at the pre-lien notice as only a legalistic step and they overlook the true intent and power of this document. However, there are several benefits of pre-lien notice as a communication tool to property owners and hiring parties, once you understand the basics of preliminary notice laws.

Following are few reasons why pre-lien notice is considered important:

  • It makes property owners aware that you are on the job site.
  • It makes the property owners aware of their legal rights. This could lead them paying you directly.
  • It creates open source of communication.
  • It eliminates any confusion, ensuring the property owner doesn’t pay twice, and it also ensures that you maintain your lien rights if the property owner commits any nuisance in paying you.
  • The earlier you file a pre-lien notice, the earlier you get paid.

Pre-Lien Notice Protects Your Receivables:

According to a latest study, around 45% of small businesses reported higher unpaid receivables each year. Pre-lien law provides you with valuable information on the legal rights of all 50 states. A clear knowledge of mechanics lien law will help you in protecting your assets and revenues. It not only helps you to get paid in your current projects, but future projects as well. Pre-lien law is the simple solution to use, and most comprehensive one to implement.

Why to Choose Professionals to File Pre-Lien Notice:

Authoritative, Comprehensive Solution: The professional pre-lien solution providers available nowadays offer simple to complex lien law solutions for all 50 states. They also help people in filing pre-lien notice and provide invaluable tips and advices that inform you about your lien rights. Restrictions, and responsibilities, so you’ll be aware of all hazards that could strip you of your lien rights. All complex lien documents are presented to you by these professionals in a simple and easy way that makes viewing, printing information and filing notice very easy.

Up To Date Information about Lien Law Changes

With these professional lien-notice solution providers you will receive information regarding all latest lien law changes. They will keep you updated about all important changes and happenings in lien law. You just need to choose you state of interest, and you will be provided with plenty of information.

Cost Effective Solution

Contacting a professional pre-lien assistance providing company online is the most cost effective and the easiest solution. To file a pre-lien notice, you just need to answer few questions like your company name and address, the name of the company for which you did work for, the location of property etc. It will only take few minutes to file a lien notice. Furthermore, with these online solution providers, you will have 24/7 access to the most comprehensive, up-to-the-date information available.


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