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The Necessity Of Easy-to-use Mobile Phone Features For Senior Citizens

There are very few people who do not have a mobile phone these days. They seem to be everywhere you look and people are either searching for information, talking to friends or using their smartphones to take pictures. However, for many people, especially senior citizens, a mobile phone can be an important tool to keep in touch with family and calling for medical assistance when necessary.

The Necessity Of Easy-to-use Mobile Phone Features For Senior Citizens

Mobile Phone Features for Seniors

Many older people just want to have a mobile phone for safety and security. Many of them don’t necessarily want a smartphone because they may never use (or understand) the apps and camera features. However, there are some features that are important to have on mobile phones for seniors in Australia.

Large Buttons

As people age, their eyesight tends to get worse and, even with corrective lenses, it may be difficult to see small letters and numbers properly on the screen of a mobile phone. In addition, many seniors have difficulty with dexterity because of arthritis and other medical conditions that make it harder to press small buttons.

Mobile phones made for seniors should have large easytoread, easy-to-press buttons to make it easier for older people to use their mobile phones. They should also have dedicated buttons to answer phone calls or to turn on the speaker so they don’t have always to hold the phone to their ear when talking with friends or family.

Amplified Sound

Many seniors are hard of hearing, so they may have trouble hearing their mobile phone ringing or they may not be able to understand what people are saying through the small speaker. Mobile phones built for senior citizens should have a way for the sound to be turned up so the user can easily hear the phone when it rings and to be able to understand the caller. The button for turning up the sound should be easy to distinguish and use as well.

Easy to Grip

As many seniors have problems gripping items with their hands due to arthritis and other medical conditions, small mobile phones can be difficult for them to hold. A largersized phone would be easier for them to hold and use than a smaller one. In addition, having an edge around the mobile phone that is textured would make gripping it easier as well.

Storage for Numbers

To help seniors place calls to friends and family, their mobile phone should be able to store frequently used numbers so they wouldn’t have to memorise or look up phone numbers all of the time. The storage function should be easy to use in order to recall numbers automatically or store them for future use.

A mobile phone designed specifically for seniors needs to have easytouse features that can make it possible for them to use their phones when they want to call a friend or need to call for assistance. These features would help make mobile phones more practical for older people.


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