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In this ever-changing world there are many companies and firms who are using the conventional type of back up services. They are using the magnetic tapes, and various other jaded method. However, the Microsoft has launched the different ways of saving data. People are able to save the data in the USB hard disk, and many of the backup software. However, there is no doubt that the saving of the data in the hard drive on the computer, can risk to the complete loss. Many of the companies believe that online backup services would be costlier to them, but this is not true. By using the various tape backup solution like mp3 rotation, mp3 replacement, they face the serious problem of cleaning the temporary files, buying various USB data depending on the storage can cost more than the online file backup services.

In the online back up or the internet back up the user only needs to subscribe the plan of the online backup services and moreover have a good internet services. They can give the file backup to the gigabytes without any hurdle or mess. The best part of this services is that you do not get in those conventional method of file backup is that in the internet back the files get the automatically saved at the hard line without your intervention, but in the case of the conventional file back, user have to process them manually from time to time. Therefore, if you are running an online company you might have invest the money at the manual back up. In comparison to this the online backup program does not need any manual back up rather with the help of software and space platform the file is well managed.
In the conventional type of the saving of the data is not well protected since the files are encrypted. Sometimes the users are unable to relocate them and face the protection risk. However, in the case of the online backup services the data well encrypted without much hassle.

The offline back up also needs the space in the computer, and takes a lot of time in saving them. However, with the online backup services the files can relocate and restored very easily. The user cannot remote the files from one to the other computer in the offline back up services while the online backup user enables the multiple user to access the same file at the different computer. Hence, for the larger enterprise you can get the huge benefits of the online backup services.


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