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One of the main products of most organizations in this “information economy” is data. Often this data is essential to the entities success, enabling it to respond to constituent inquiries, be they transactional or compliance related. At the same time, there are retention and disaster recovery requirements organizations must address. These requirements, combined with the need for productivity gains, are why digitizing paper and microfiche records is in such demand.

Leading organizations have taken the initiative and are now converting documents and fiche into digital files. In most cases these organizations look a competent partner to successfully deliver on this task. Selecting such a competent vendor can be a daunting task.  This selection challenge is complicated by the “noise” vendors project that, if not carefully assessed, can lock you team into proprietary solutions or require it to “shoehorn” it’s processes into the vendors “solution”.


So, what are the key points to consider when selecting a vendor to support your team’s digital initiative?

At a minimum, leading organizations require Document Scanning and Document Imaging outsourcing companies to provide answers to the following questions:

How will our organization’s information be kept confidential?

How is legibility of the scanned files ensured?

How can six-sigma accuracy be achieved?

What approach will be employed to successfully meet our team’s project goals?


Whether it be contracts, patient records, client files, or transaction documents – once your organization’s files are correctly converted into digital documents, your team will realize significant benefits.


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