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The software industry is overflowing with jobs of PHP developers. PHP has well established itself as a strong and reliable programming language capable of building robust websites. Owing to the promising career opportunities offered this programming language, young professionals are increasingly equipping themselves with the theoretical and practical knowledge about PHP. To help them, several training institutes are offering programs and courses in PHP.

Like every programming language, PHP is quite vast. But once you get the basics right, learning the advanced topics in PHP would not be a problem. So, if you are planning to go for a PHP course, then make sure that the faculty members of the institute lay great emphasis on the basic topics of PHP. Having an idea of what concepts are covered under basic PHP, would help you to learn the language better.

Overview Of The Basic Knowledge Imparted By A PHP Course
PHP can Create Dynamic and Robust Applications.

Here are discussed some of the basic and most important aspects of PHP that you need to learn:


Before starting to learn PHP, you need to have an understanding of HTML. It is possible to switch between HTML and PHP within the same document. PHP can also be run from HTML file. So, make sure your course gives you a basic knowledge of HTML.


For building up PHP pages, the same program can be used which you used for creating the HTML pages. You can use a plain text editor for creating PHP pages. An FTP client is required for the transfer of file to the web hosting from your computer. In case an HTML website is already with you, perhaps you are already using an FTP program.

The Basics

At this stage, you can start learning PHP. As a beginner, you should start by reading a tutorial for basic PHP. This would guide you to create your first PHP file using basic logic like IF statements, basic math and variables.

Learning Loops

After learning to create a few basic PHP files, now you should go for leaning the loops. PHP consists of large number of loop types.  A loop repeats an action again and again until the condition is satisfied.

Basically, a loop evaluates whether a statement is true or false. In case it is true, some code is executed, the original statement is altered and the loop starts again and performs a re-evaluation. This process is carried out repeatedly until the statement is false.

PHP Functions:

Finally, it is the time to write custom functions in PHP. From this pint, the sky is your limit. With a strong foundation in the knowledge of PHP basics, the addition of PHP functions whenever required would be easy.

A function is a block of commands that are executed on calling the function. The course would teach you how to write functions created by you. It would also teach you the predefined functions contained by PHP. These functions can help you to carry out various tasks.


All these basic concepts should be covered by the course you are enrolling in. A strong knowledge of the basic concepts would help you to create several dynamic and complicated applications using PHP.


PHP is a highly sought after programming language today. If you are enrolling in a professional PHP training, make sure to gain the basic knowledge and concepts in PHP.
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