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The legitimacy of using hidden cameras has always been a controversial subject, as it usually destroys your privacy and you cannot be sure, which place is safe and vice-versa. Recently, there was a news published that two students found hidden cameras in their room, which was aimed on their every move from taking showers and going to sleep.

In fact, the purpose of video surveillance is to protect homes and businesses from criminals. Unfortunately, some of them with dishonest intentions misuse these protective devices.

What is Hidden Camera?

Making films of people using a video or still camera without their knowledge is termed as, ‘a hidden camera’ or ‘nanny cams’. In brief, it is kept concealed to spy or snoop on them. They can be wireless or wired. The wired camera has to be connected to a monitor like a computer or TV. Alternatively the wireless camera transmits video signals. These signals are received by the receiver placed within a short distance.

How to Detect a Hidden Camera?

Ideal places to be looked at in hotels – Hidden cameras are usually incorporated with inanimate room objects. Some typical spots are:

1.Plug sockets/electrical outlets

2.Smoke detector

3.Lamps, clocks, artificial plants, paintings, air purifier, radio, etc.

4.Behind wall-mounted mirrors

5.Pinhole camera in the pen

Follow these Tips and Protect your Privacy

1. Smoke Detector Checking

With the help of a chair or ladder to reach the smoke detector. Flash the torch light on the sensor. If you notice small glass lenses, then it is a camera.

2. Plug Socket Checking

Try to charge your laptop or mobile phone using all the sockets. If there is a camera in the socket, then it will not work. Or you can place something in front of the socket to avoid becoming a part of cheap film.

3. Pinhole Camera Checking

Usually pinhole cameras are not found on the walls because it needs constructing. Therefore, search for it in paintings, books, air purifier, etc. Use a flash light if you find pinholes.

4. Search for Wiring

If you see any strange wiring surfacing from some unusual place then it can be linked to a hidden wired camera.

5. Check Wall-mounted Mirrors

Two kinds of mirrors are risky – one-way mirror and two-way mirror.

Place your fingertips on the mirror. In a normal mirror you will see a distance between the reflection and your finger-tip. However, if you do not notice any distance then beware, it is a ‘one-way’ mirror.

In the dark, focus the flashlight of your torch on the mirror. If you can view across it or the light passes through the glass then that mirror has eyes. It is a ‘two-way’ mirror.

6. Microphones Checking

There may be small microphones also in the room. Look for them on bookshelves, drawers, paintings and all the possible places.

7. Power-on Indicators

Some cameras and micro-phones have power-on indications, therefore turn the lights off. If there are cameras you will find small green or red light flashing.

8. Listen to the Sound

Take a walk around the room slowly and listen carefully for click or buzz sound. If you hear such sounds then enter and re-enter again. If that sound is produced each time you come inside the room then it may be a hidden camera. It may be a motion sensitive camera that produces sound, while operating.

9. Strange Things

Oddly arranged artificial flowers or plants, tilted paintings or a pen in the room must be scrutinized carefully.

10. Radio Frequency (RF) Bug Detector

It is capable of detecting wireless spy camera nearby. Just walk around the room waving the bug detector slowly across the wall.

Always remember that spy cameras need straight line to see and record your actions.

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