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Traveling is always much fun. Why not? This is a chance to make new friends and spend time with pleasure. That’s so great to have people by your side you can share your adventures and memorable moments. Young travelers, backpackers, whatever you can them, prefer traveling in groups. Nevertheless, it cannot stop you from making many more good friends, especially among locals. Think of the way of transportation. American travelers prefer car to any other kind of transport. Renting a car under 21 helps to get the cheapest car for traveling and share the rental price between your friends. As a rule, car rental companies are friendly to young drivers and have a big choice of cars available.

To make your trip even easier it’s important to have useful apps and stay open and communicative.


  • Friendly support

Travel is not easy as people may think. You may face many difficulties on your way and unforeseen situations. Sometimes, you can lose your temper or even not to know which way to jump. Whenever you go and whatever you do, your friends will support you. Moreover, you can do everything together. By the way, a travel friend may be a person you’ve never met before. But you have a chance to support each other while traveling.

  • Share adventures

As a rule, making friends while traveling you meet people with related interests. You can plan adventures together! It can be really useful to have a friend who is as crazy, impulsive, and adventurous as you are. Exploring new territory will always be funny and interesting.

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  1. Enroll in language learning class

How long are you planning to stay in a new place? Traveling abroad, you should find a good class to learn the language. You are lucky if you could find a free learning class. This is your chance to meet people who can help you in exploring new territory or travelers just like you. Also, it can be really useful to learn great phrases you can speak with and behave like locals.

  1. Find locals to live with

Where are going to live when traveling? Of course, you can use one of many mobile apps and book the cheapest hotel. Also, you can find even better variant! Try to be in couchsurfing! This program is popular all over the world and helps to find apartments or a house among locals. Factually, people invite you to live in the house for some time for free. What a nice opportunity to make friends!

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  1. Visit cafes

When you want to eat or drink something, go to the cafe or restaurant. But before, look around to find someone who’s eating alone. Of course, don’t be annoying. It can happen that that person really wants to eat alone. But you may ask if you may keep their company. You have nothing to lose. Just step out of your comfort zone and become more communicative. It would be great to enjoy dinner with a new friend.

  1. Find group tours

You can find many interesting tours and excursions, free sightseen tours and other activities. Go to the touristic agency or ask for free tours in your hotel. Group excursion can help to meet new people and make friends. When you are in the tour, you are surrounded by many people. You talk to them, share your impressions, thoughts, take photos. It can be very interesting to continue exploring new country together.

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  1. Live in hostel

If you don’t like the idea of couchsurfing, you can try book a shared room in the hostel. Why not? It is a kind of cheap accommodation for young travelers. People, who don’t want to spend much money for hotel, pick hostels. Also, this is a chance to make friends. You contact many different people in the hostel, including your roommates. This is your chance to talk to open-minded people and learn much useful information about places to visit or local traditions.

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  1. Find the most interesting places and visit them regularly

Staying in a new city for a week or even for longer, try to find the best cafe where you feel comfortable and visit it regularly. Why? This is a nice opportunity to have a small talk with a waiter or permanent visitors who used to visit this cafe just like you. Have a chit chat with staff or people around.

  1. Go to forums and social groups

Before you go, you can visit online forums and make friendship with locals or travelers like you. You can ask and discuss many different things online. Also, this is your great chance to get the cheapest or even a free room and learn about the most interesting places to visit.

It is not difficult to start traveling. The most difficult thing is to make your trip even more interesting and comfortable. Try to make friends and they will help you to be more successful in what you are doing. Whatever difficulties you may have on your way, your travel friends are always ready to help. As Winnie the Pooh once said: “A hug is always the right size”. So, give more hugs and kisses to your friends!


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