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Do you want to catch up on the latest season of Stranger Things? How about the third season of Money Heist? Clearly, these are some of the most popular TV shows, trending all over the internet. If you have any plans on binge-watching these shows or any of your other favorite movies, then do not forget to check out our list of free movie streaming sites.

The idea of spending your weekend curled up in your bed and watching a movie or TV show seems fascinating. What’s more, if you get to watch your favorite movie online for completely free then it’s more like having a cherry on the top. If you do not want to spend a penny on watching something online and want to stream your favorite content for free, then you must browse through the websites we are going to recommend to you.

Before going to our main topic, here is a bonus tip for our readers. If you are looking for free streaming of your movies, sports, TV shows or any other media content, then you must give a try to Kodi – the free and open-source media player for finding movies in the best quality. There are plenty of websites on the web form where you can get quick Kodi tips & Tricks and guides.

Fortunately, there are tons of movie streaming sites that won’t even charge you a penny for watching your favorite content on the internet. You can watch any movie or TV series for free online without any trouble. All you need to know is which free movie streaming sites are offering high-quality content with a huge library and without troubling you with unsolicited ads or pop-ups.

To make sure you get to watch your favorite this weekend, we have compiled a list for you by selecting some of the best sites offering content for free. However, before we go on to present you with the list of free movie streaming sites, we would like to inform you that you need to be careful while browsing a free movie streaming site.

The reason is most of the free movie streaming sites contain malware. You never know when you accidentally open a link containing a virus and when it gets injected into your system. Therefore, after thorough inspection, we have sorted a list offering free movie streaming sites that are absolutely free of any viruses or scams.

List of Best Free Movie Streaming Sites

he free movie streaming sites we are going to recommend you are all web-based. However, some of them also have their own mobile apps which makes convenient for users to watch movies for free on their cell phones. Depending upon your own requirement, you can choose whichever platform you want to use. To enjoy the perfect movie time, you should get an adhesive cell phone griper such as CatTongue Grips so that your mobile doesn’t fall while you are watching a movie.
Without any further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best free movie streaming sites that can be found on the internet.


PutLocker is one of the best free movie streaming sites because it contains all the released and classic movies and TV shows. As soon as you enter the website, you will see the homepage where all the movies and TV shows are placed together into different categories such as Genres, Featured, Recently-Added, Countries, Years, etc.

By categorizing movies and TV shows into different sections, it becomes easier for viewers to locate the content. You may come across a few ads while browsing the website but you can always ignore them. Once you start watching a movie or a TV show on this site, you will experience an uninterrupted watch, given your internet connection is smooth and works without any interruption.


Pluto TV is completely internet-based TV platform which is owned by Viacom. Based in Los Angeles, California, the company was founded in 2013. Pluto TV is running successfully as an app on 14 different platforms including Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku Android TV, and PlayStation consoles.

Pluto TV is commonly known as cable TV but without a cable. It provides users with over 100 free streaming channels such as movies, news, sports, classic TV, and semi-recent reality television. It also offers channels that are entirely devoted to Dora the Explorer, Doctor Who, Comedy Central Roasts, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Mystery Science Theater 3000, and Antiques Roadshow.

If you feel like wanting to watch your own schedule, you can always go to the On-Demand section. Pluto TV does offer some good movies as well such as Clue, Election, and To Die For to name a few. The only downside to it is that there is no search feature.


Crackle is one of the authentic free movie sites. We use the word authentic because it is owned and operated by Sony Pictures. The site offers a thoroughly-designed user-interface with a massive collection of movies and TV shows. Once you register for a free account on this site, you can get to use the service without coming across any restrictions.

The interesting bit about Crackle is that you can stream recently released movies and TV shows on this site besides Hollywood classics. However, the only downside to this site is that just like Netflix and other popular online movie streaming sites, movies and TV shows are only available on the site for a limited time only.

Another downside to this site is that it is highly ad-supported which means you will be stumbling upon several ads while streaming movies on this site. To be completely fair, let us tell you that the ads are tolerable.

Sony Pictures has also made a mobile app version of Crackle which means you can also stream movies on your mobile phone. Even if region-restrictions imposed on the site cannot deter you from streaming movies on this site. Because you can always use a good and reliable VPN service to unblock the content available on this site.


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