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Webnote is a free web application that lets you create your own workspace with your own unique workspace name on the URL. It is a handy tool whenever you have urgent notes to jot down and are fortunately connected to the internet, whether on your mobile device or on a computer that is not your own. Although not so visually pleasing with its yellow and light gray color-scheme, Webnote gets the job done. Once you have created a workspace of your own, you may add an unlimited amount of notes into it. You can move your screen around the workspace, add digital sticky notes to it, add pictures and lots of other things that you need to jot down.


It enables you to put an unlimited number of characters in one sticky note, where it lets you scroll down the note if the text does not fit in the current size of the sticky note. You may also adjust the size of the notes to your liking, change the color or copy/paste, and it even has a built-in spellchecker. The color you can change your notes into range from Yellow, Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Pink, White and Gray.


The source code is available for everyone to use, meaning web developers and website owners may use it for the benefit of their own websites. Webnotes is a nifty tool for anyone who wishes to keep a personal online To-do list that can be accessed any time an internet connection is available. It is a great way to store ideas, bookmarks, URLs or pictures in a simplistic and effective way.


Saved workspaces are there for good, and will never be intentionally deleted by the Webnote developer so you are sure that your memos and notes are still there when you next check them. You can do anything you like on your workspace, as long as it doesn’t infringe any laws. It also allows you to filter a certain line of text so if your workspace is too cluttered, you will still be able to find the note you are looking for.


Webnotes is a free application and everyone should at least try it out. It is a minimalist approach to having a personal workspace filled with digital sticky notes and it is wholly up to the user to take advantage of its features. You may also show your workspace to your friends or colleagues by sending them your personal workspace URL. It is a handy tool that gives users the freedom to use it as they will.


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