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The Critix Certified Administrator (CCA) certification in XenApp for Windows Server 2003 is one of the valuable certifications offered by the Critix. The targeted audiences are the professionals of the IT field. The CCA Certification validates the skills and knowledge of these IT professionals in the configuration, maintenance and stabilization of the XenApp 5.0 for the Windows Server 2003. The IT professional who are working in the critical environment of Windows Server 2003 and have the knowledge of XenApp 5.0 are eligible for this certification. In this way the certification gives a validation to their skills.

How the CCA certification in XenApp for Windows 2003 can be attained?

The candidates who want to get this certification need to pass out an exam A-23.

What is the code for the exam?

The exam code for the CCA Certification in XenApp for Windows 2003 is 1YO-A23. This exam is the only way through which a candidate can get this certification.

What is the procedure for registration for the 1Y0-A23 exam?

There are two ways for the registration which are offered by Critix. And they are as follows:

  1.  First method is by visiting the Pearson VUE. The candidates can get their registration by visiting the website of Pearson and can get themselves registered
  2. The other method is to get the registration through the phone call to the service test centers

What is the pattern of the exam?

There are total 88 number of questions in the 1YO-A23 exam. All these questions will be in the form of multiple choice questions. The candidates will be required to choose the most appropriate answer. The exam is offered in only English language.

What is the total time allowed for the exam?

The total time which is allowed for taking the exam is 90 minutes. No extra time will be given to the candidates. The candidates have to be very vigilant and fast while taking the exam.

What is the minimum passing score for the 1Y0-A23 exam?

The candidates have to score 60% marks in order to pass the exam.

If a candidate fails to get 60%,  then is there any policy about re taking the exam?

Yes, there is the exam re-take policy offered by the Critix. As per this policy, if a candidate fails to score 60% marks in the exam then he can again register for the exam A23 after 24 hours. In this way the candidate can get another chance to appear in the exam.

From where the candidates can get the preparation material for 1YO-A23 exam?

The candidates can get the preparation and study material from the official website of the critix i.e., training.critix.com. Many other websites also offer the guidelines and preparatory materials for the1Y0-A23 Exam. Passing the exam A23 is not an easy task, proper training is required in order to pass the exam and get the certification. so these study materials are very important for the sound preparation of the exam.

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