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What Is Clixsense?

Clixsense has succeeded in creating this site a one-stop-shop for all your earning requirements.  There is such diversity at Clixsense, it is hard to get bored.  In addition to if you do, there are a lot of cool games you could play to contest alongside other associates.  It is my first plus last stop of majority of my days, and I think it would be yours too.

Clixsense Review

Clixsense proffers are hosted by other firms who are eager to pay for new clienteles to try out their produce, service or else website.  Typically these will need a credit card as well as sometimes even a buying; however, the reward for finishing these is typically higher than anything else.

It is your choice which proffers you selects to take part in.  It is common (and satisfactory) to give a credit card number to take share in a “free trial” proffer, then cancel beforehand your card is accused, and still be accredited through Clixsense.  You just requisite to make certain you understand the precise rules and necessities of each proffer beforehand taking part.

Crowdflower Microtask

In case you are unfamiliar with micro-tasking, these are little works for small payments.  Tasks typically take anyplace from 30 seconds to a few minutes as well as pay you for effectively completing them (usually 2 cents up to a few dollar).  There are an insufficient micro-tasking sites about the web, however, Crowdflower is the merely one that extents it tasks to third party crowds, like Clixsense.  You could find Crowdflower jobs at numerous sites; however, Clixsense pays additional for these than any additional competing site.

Crowdflower jobs are on a first come first serve base.  Occasionally they have sufficiently accessible and other times there might be none accessible to you.  Task earnings could actually add up, thus it is good to keep testing back every day.

Daily Checklist Bonus

Sideways from your steady earnings, you could get an additional bonus every day if you complete all of the matters on the everyday checklist.  This is here to inspire users to trial all of the means to earn.  There is even a bonus-action bonus for finalizing the checklist frequently.  If you whole it on day one, day two, in addition to day three, you would get the activity bonus on day three.  As extended as you endure to whole it every day, you would get it every day.  If you miss a day, then that three-day decree starts all over again.

This does not sound like much, however if you are earning as much as likely with proffers, surveys, tasks, as well as PTC clicks, these bonuses could actually add to your total.

For effecting the everyday checklist bonus as well as activity bonus, a Standard Associate gets 7% of his entire earnings, whereas the Premium Member gets 16%.  This takes into account pays from PTC clicks, offers, reviews, and micro tasks


The Clixsense enhance on could be additional to your browser to keep you in the Clixsense loop.  Connecting it and keeping it lively for an hour per day ads to your everyday checklist bonus.

When installed, the ClixAddon shows a small button at the topmost right of your browser at all times, in addition to flashes to tell you while new ads, surveys, proffers or jobs are accessible.


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