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Imagination Technologies announces Series 6 PowerVR GPUs

Imagination Technologies, creator of PowerVR GPUs  has released its Series 6 PowerVR chips.To be known as Rogue, these chips are up to 100 times more powerful than its predecessors. At a much lower power consumption than the present day chips, these chips will bring the best of performance to smart phones and tablets.

Imagination Technologies announces Series 6 PowerVR GPUs

The PowerVR GPUs from the company are part of ARM SoCs in  devices including the iPhone 4, Galaxy S, and the Droid 2.And now, the announcement of the next generation Series 6 chips with the same horsepower as today’s desktop computers. What is more interesting is ST-Ericsson’s announcement of a new SoC processor series with the Nova 9600 having the Rogue baked in.

The high quality chip set will enable to play full HD video at 120 frames per second and has support for professional camcorder-quality recording in 3D. It also comes with high definition  videoconferencing and tele-presence options. The Rogue chip set will take the efficiency and graphics performance of the mobile platform to a level like never before. The release of the chip set and details on components and pricing are not yet available.


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