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Wide format printers like VariQuest® Poster Maker 3600, as well as the Poster-Printer™ XL3000, are special type of printers that have the ability of delivering poster prints larger than the standard sizes. Although the initial high cost of these types of printers makes them an economic investment for many companies, companies that make a lot of custom posters will find these large format printers to be a cost effective solution and of great use.

Since the wide format printers like VariQuest® Poster Maker 3600 and Poster-Printer™ XL3000 prints posters larger than the standard paper, you need to purchase special poster printer paper for the most of these printers. You should keep the fact in mind that the most wide formal poster printer paper is produced and comes out in rolls. These poster papers are not the sheets like most regular printer paper. In order to create higher quality of posters prints you need to by poster printer paper only from the qualified supplier.

There are many leading wide format printer paper rolls suppliers as well as their supplementary papers:

  • Thermal Transfer Plus (TTP) Poster Printer Paper:

Thermal Transfer Plus (TTP) Printer Paper is not just an ordinary paper but it has many various advantages attached to it. TTP paper rolls are now widely used in banking and other industries. It is a special type of poster printing paper that is coated with chemicals on the outer surface and the chemical helps the paper to alter the color when it is exposed to heat.

  • Direct Thermal Printer (DTP) Paper:

Just as the TTP poster papers, Direct Thermal Printer paper is also chemically coated and can only be cold laminated. DTP poster papers are used to print large model numbers, price, product descriptions etc. An advantage of using DTP paper rolls is that they can be used in printing labels both individually and by batch. This reduces the usual tendency of printers of creating extra labels   Unlike TTP, Direct Thermal Printer papers can fade when subjected to direct sunlight. Because of its shelf life is less than a year, it allows for media changeovers for updatable subjects.

  • Heavy Duty Poly Paper:

These types of printing papers are made of plastics and therefore, are water and tear resistant and require no lamination.  It is available in both Direct Thermal Variety and Transfer plus Variety. Transfer Plus or red on white transfer poly paper is specifically made to withstand weather conditions including heavy rain and UV exposure. On the other hand, black on white standard poly poster printer paper is UV sensitive. Hence, it is not intended for using in outdoors.

Like all other printer paper, wide format poster printer papers also come in a large variety of sizes and options. You need to choose the most suitable poster printer paper rolls that match your requirement  It is also important to go for the qualified supplier who offer poster printer paper rolls only for wide format printers like VariQuest® Poster Maker 3600 and Poster-Printer™ XL3000. By getting your printer paper rolls from these suppliers you can make sure that your requirement is properly fulfilled.


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