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pig iron

Pig Iron is an important product from the iron industry made out of iron ore smelting and rich in carbon content. The contents of the pig iron include coke, iron ore and limestone produced from molten iron in a blast furnace. Recently, pig iron has found its usage in the steel industry. This post will help you understand more about the biggest Pig Iron supplier and India. Keep reading.

There are various types of pig iron like merchant pig iron used in steel and metal casting, nodular pig iron used in iron casting ductile in nature, basic pig iron used in steel making and Hematite pig iron used in gray iron casting. In India, there are many producers of Pig iron, but there is one company that stands above the rest when it comes to the biggest Pig Iron Supplier in India.

Top Pig Iron supplier

Sesa is one the largest producer of pig iron and happens also be the largest LAM Coke Supplier across the country. In the case of pig iron, it produces low phosphorous grade pig iron which is used in many types of industry. With the capacity of producing more than 600000 tons of Pig Iron in a year, it beats many other big players by a huge margin. It is an integral part of steel, construction and other industries across India. Being one of the largest miners of Iron Ore with mines in Goa, Karnataka, and Liberia, it is not very surprising that the company is the biggest producers of Pig Iron.

pig iron

Production provision

It makes to the list of top manufacturers and suppliers because it has a complete set-up of the production plant. Operational since 1992, it is the first company to introduce pig iron with low phosphorus grade. It is the largest producer with two working large blast furnace, and the third one commissioned. With the blast furnace, it can produce sufficient amount of pig iron.

Various types of Ores

There are three types of pig iron manufactured according to the requirement of the various industries. The percentage of components like carbon, sulfur, Silicon, Manganese, and Phosphorus, however, vary in percentage to produce different grades of pig iron. Most common are the basic grade, nodular grade and foundry grade. Along with pig ores, it is one of the top LAM Coke Supplier.

Use of Pig Iron and Properties

Pig ores are manufactured in various forms and used widely in multiple industries. The most common usage of it is in the steel industry. It is usually brittle with a high content of carbon but cannot be used directly unless it is manipulated. They are primarily used in casting, metal casting industries, and steelmaking. It can be used to make gray iron by re-melting it. It is usually made by reduction of iron ore in blast furnace using either coke or charcoal.

Pig Ore includes a high content of carbon along with a minute quantity of many other elements. Many companies produce and supply the product, but it is always better to rely on the top producers. The quality of pig iron and LAM core is superior and can be used for multiple purposes directly or indirectly.


pig iron

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