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Why To Opt For SIM Based Termination?

VoIPoperations wishes to expand the business into SIM based termination in order to utilize locally purchased SIM cards for low termination rates. The GSM termination solution that are available do not present reliable termination options as they don’t address the main GSM termination issues such as SIM card suspension, number traps, number probes, blacklist management and human behavior evaluation. This technology is the solution to the entire GSM termination problem by introducing a distributed GSM termination solution allowing VoIP providers to enter the GSM termination market with ease with minimum financial risk. The solution is integrated to include GSM channels, VoIP billing, and routing functionality in one server.

Why To Opt For SIM Based Termination?


Destination numbers traps – this is very much popular, quickest and undetectable method to suspend SIM based termination of GSM traffic. This method depends on calling the particular destination numbers that belong to the GSM network operator that record the caller ID of the SIM card that terminates the GSM call. Once such a SIM card has one or more recordings of calling the destination number trap numbers, it is automatically suspended in a matter of minutes. As the GSM network operators automatically call these numbers on a regular basis and they have a large pool of similar numbers, the chances of getting a SIM card terminates these calls within 24-hour period are over 90%. In most cases, the cards are identified and suspended in less than 5 minutes. The most vital thing to understand here is the role of the pilot GSM server is to isolate such numbers. And enter them into the black list. This is specifically done even for a very large amount of such numbers in a matter of hours of there is a large volume of traffic.

Switching management – this is important to allow GSM based termination providers to change the identity of the GSM termination modules. This task is very unreliable if you are using the conventional methods because the SIM providers easily get the make or the model of the SIM termination modules and they match it to the database that they have.

SIM based termination and sharing among remote GSM modules

This is the method, which is very popular among the GSM based termination providers but it only proves to be unreliable because it can be easily detected. In most of the cases, the SIM card sharing requires that the GSM modules is unregistered the SIM card from one GSM cell location and then immediately registers into another GSM module location even if these two model locations are many kilometers apart. It also gives better connection all across the country without any problem. Most company use this advanced technology to save the expenditure and make the connection better and without interruptions. It hides the original IP address of the termination provider and works well with both the real IP and local IP addresses. It is efficient in reducing the post dialing delay and works with any SIP based gatekeeper.


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