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Why You Should Add PayPal To Your Web Site

Do not think that PayPal is only for those making use of eBay in making quick cash; you can equally make cash when you add PayPal button to your website if you are into commerce. If you can accept credit card payments, what stops you from using PayPal as an option? PayPal has become the easiest method of getting your ecommerce website to another level. With the PayPal’s free tools for Microsoft FrontPage, you can create it.

No Need for a Merchant License

Mostly, all you need to do is get a bank or credit card processing company that will act as a processor in ensuring that the payment option is safe. This is going to give you a relaxed mind when you use a processor but it is a long process. With PayPal, you do things with ease filling in your required data.

When you have accepted the PayPal payment, it is simple to get a Payment Receiving Preferences that can block some certain types of buyers. You decide who sells or buys from you. It is also easy to change the credit card company name too.

The PayPal Buttons are free: You are not expected to pay anything when you do not sell anything. The amount to pay depends on what is sold.

Simple encryption: PayPal does not take you through a rigorous set up of a secure e-commerce Web site. After creating a button with the Button Factory, and clicking yes, everything gets easy.

Promotion using PayPal shops: There is the online store in PayPal Shops and directory of Web sites that also make use of PayPal which can help you promote your products and services. You are not going to pay for anything when you use the PayPal Shops. However, you need the Premier or Business PayPal account. Additionally, the bank account and credit card you are using should be linked to your PayPal account and then you need to invest in the PayPal Money Market Fund.

For Indian PayPal end user must need Indian Financial System Code (ifsc code) for link there Indian bank account. This code you can find from your local bank or even you can find ifsc code from railrani.com

Subscription payments: PayPal has made it easy for you to get your recurring payments and subscriptions easy and you are not going to be doing it manually because you can set the billing cycle. PayPal.

No setup fees: there is a setup fee for you. You are only paying when you sell something.

Transaction data: The PayPal History Reporting Tools can be used to analyze and download the information on any sale that you make. There is an option of adding the Shopping Cart details too.


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