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Google Pixel 2

Speaking of Google the largest manufacturer of smartphones worldwide, which recently started manufacturing smartphones. The Korean company has earned the love of many and hatred of a few others along the time it takes bringing Android phones to market. Occasionally we live a turning point in the brand, and Google Pixel is undoubtedly one of the most important launches of Google, about to happen. Next launch would be Google Pixel 2, as we came to know from our sources.

Last year Google disappointed with the Google Pixel, a device that only surprised by the resistance to water while the microSD card reader and removable battery. Otherwise everything was far from surprising, design continuity, poor manufacturing plastic and a very regular assembly, fingerprint reader malfunctioning and, in general, a smartphone that changed nothing. Since then, all eyes are on Google, and the things began to change. Finish, but without changing the design much, much more quality on a smartphone that works wonders. We also began to see a change in the use of materials with Alpha Pixel, with the Flat and Edge version has surprised many. The Pixel is no doubt that Google needed a change, a huge success of the firm could not afford to delay or another year. And now company would bet on the beast release in form of Google Pixel 2.

Well, just launched Google Pixel, the only difference between this model and the upcoming Google Pixel 2 is the curved screen, which affects particularly the section slightly in design and use, but otherwise the two phones are identical.  It’s hard to take something less in the section of SGS6 hardware, but surely the most classic brand fans will notice, and much, this device has neither microSD card slot with removable battery nor two of the features that have defined the brand since its inception. The excuse for battery Google is that they have not dared to do so until they have achieved the battery they wanted. Although we enter deeply into this in the section devoted to the battery, the truth is that even a good battery is no revolution, but hides some very interesting surprises. And a big surprise will come in the metal designed Google Pixel 2.

The real reason for the lack of these two features (microSD and non-removable battery) is actually the design, and that is to get the brilliant finish Pixel and is necessary to resort to unibody, which takes very badly with the non-removable battery and the card reader. It is possible that in the flat model could have been getting a side slot for microSD cards, but it seems impossible, and it makes no sense to leave without a feature and the supposedly superior model. So, that’s why we didn’t get the microSD slot in the recent releases, however it is going to repeat for the Google Pixel 2.


Google Pixel 2

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