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10 Cool Apps For Foodies

There are certain things without which, life would not be worth living like your family and your health. Other things, which make life comfortable such as your house, car or job. But no matter how full your life is, there is always space for some decent food…..

10 Cool Apps For Foodies

Evernote Food

Do you recall that fabulous meal served up at ‘that’ restaurant last year? You may struggle to remember each delicious meal, but our first recommended app will jog your memory. From exploring recipes, documenting your meals, sharing them on social media or booking a table at a restaurant, Evernote Food is right there for you.

BBC Goodfood

Homecooking is no doubt the best, you get the benefits of the wonderful smells before the delight of the meal itself. The BBC Goodfood website has long been a favourite in our house, with never a failed recipe yet. The app gives quick access to the same amazing recipes so it’s a winner.


As seen in the Today show, this great little app helps you find good restaurants in your area, and good meals within those restaurants! Photos included, you can also vote for your favourite dishes and share on social media.

Healthy Breakfast Recipies

Breakfast has got to be the most underrated meal of the day. We all know it’s essential, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Get this app for healthy but yummy recipe suggestions to start your day.

Lunchbox Ideas

Don’t forget the young members of the family in your quest for great food. Make them smile at lunchtime each day with a cheerful meal from Lunchbox Ideas. Fully illustrated with photos throughout to tantalise young taste buds.

Food Network

Cook like your favourite chef along with this app. You can search by chef or ingredient or just browse the seasonal collections. With regular contributions from famous chefs, this app is definitely a winner.


Very sadly this is for iphone only. I say sadly because this is a nifty little app which searches your real time location for restaurant deals from sites such as Groupon. So after taking a tour of the British Museum in London for free, you can then get a great restaurant deal for your lunch before heading to the free Science Museum for the afternoon. A day in London without costing the earth!

Wine and Food Pairing

So your dinner party is ready, the guests are due and everything is prepared. Which wine should be opened? Forget having to search on your super-fast fibre optic internet, this little app will do the job for you. Choose your category meal and the ideal wine is suggested for you.

Just Eat – Takeaway

Even foodies shouldn’t ignore takeaways. With the right choice, you can be pleasantly surprised. Just Eat allows you to search by postcode, choose home delivery or collection in person and even pay by card. Great app for foodies a bit short on time.


Do you follow Michelin ratings slavishly? Find hidden gems in your area with the Foodie app. Searches are based on the Michelin ratings and work in Western Europe and North America.


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