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Tips For Improving WiFi Signal On Your Phone

Getting a good WiFi connection is still a dream for many people. The inability to stream, wireless dead zones, dropped WiFi signal and slow browsing experience are the worst to face and an endless struggle. 

If you are among one of those individuals who are facing sluggish network speed, then you can use the ANT radio service to enhance the experience. There are other tricks as well to improve your experience and thus standing next to your wireless router shouldn’t be the only option for your network requirements. 

Check Your Software

One of the most basic mistakes that everyone makes is to not update their software. It is important to make sure that the OS on your mobile and software of the router is firm with the latest updates. There are different applications available via which you can see. If not so, then you can use web browser or best VPN to connect with IP address and solve your problem. 

Look for any interference 

Mobile cases are the worst thing to deal with. If there is any hard metal present in your phone case then there is a great chance that the same is blocking your mobile antenna. Speaking of something more tech generic, WiFi signals usually use signals of 2.4Ghz or 5 GHz. When we come to 5Ghz, the worst thing is that it doesn’t travel across thick walls. 

Try to connect to the 2.4GHz connection as it is faster and can penetrate thick walls. 

Go for a new antenna

If your router is accustomed to internal antennas, then it will be a great idea to get an external one to expand the range. Many of the router manufacturers sell external antennas to help the customer extend the range. Getting an omnidirectional antenna will be the best thing to do as it can send signals in all directions. 

Upgrade the hardware 

The pleasure to get the best out of your existing hardware is good enough. However, it is a smart move to get rid of your old hardware when it is not providing optimal service. The reason why one should get rid of the older router is that it might be capped at a fairly lower bandwidth along with a shorter range. 

However, a person might still face a problem with the new router if the device is an old one. Suppose, you bought your PC years ago, now, it is not expected to have the latest tech to enable wireless adapters or a faster one. Therefore, keep this as a factor while going for a new router. 

Range Extender 

Sometimes a single router is not just enough to cover your entire house. This is a bad situation because one can’t simply afford to pay twice the WiFi bill every month. Therefore, the best thing to do is to get a range extender. A normal range extender will receive signals from your router and rebroadcast it to different devices. 

Following the tips mentioned above will surely help one enhance his experience. 


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