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Immunity gives the body the strength to fight against diseases and also helps protect the body against dangerous diseases like cancer and many more. The maximum immunity a person gets is through mother’s milk. Therefore for the first six months after a child’s birth, the infant should be fed only mother’s milk. The IYCF guidelines, which are the infant young child feeding, states that not even milk, water and sugar water, should be given to the infant. Breastfeeding will give the infant all the nutrients it requires.

Mother’s MilkVarious benefits of mother’s milk

Mother’s milk has plenty of benefits, namely some of the few highlighted by Neonatologist Dr. Mahesh, says that the composition that is present in mother’s milk is totally optimum for the proper growth and conditioning of the child. It provides the child with protection from any kind of infection and also from allergies.

Mother’s milk provides the child with all essential nutrients including proteins, carbohydrate and fat. Moreover these are also easily digested by the body of the infant.

Bonding between the child and mother

Breastfeeding the child during the first six months after birth creates a life -long bonding between the child and the mother. This makes their relationship much better between the both. This is biologically proven as the first milk i.e. colostrum has oxytocin, which is the love hormone, making the mother – child bond better.

DHA which are present in the mother’s milk develops the child’s brain. This is also accompanied by the presence of fatty acid which is present in the mother’s milk.

Colostrum is vital for child

Colostrum, which is the mother’s first milk, starts soon after pregnancy and last for somewhat up to 4 days is an indispensable requirement for the child. It is yellow in colour and is thick. This is usually referred as a high octane diet i.e. it is significantly rich in proteins, vitamins as well as minerals.

The main role of colostrum is to pass passive immunity to the child. As the child’s own immune system is weak and not properly developed soon after birth, colostrum helps to give antibodies to the child. These antibodies will protect the child from bacterial as well as viral infection to which the child’s body is vulnerable.

The amazing facts of mother’s milk

It helps to fulfil the infant’s requirement of water as the milk is 90% water and the remaining 10% is carbohydrates, fats and proteins. The amazing fact about mother’s milk is that its composition changes as the child starts growing.

The milk is always present at the right temperature for the child, is not allergic and above all, the child is easily able to digest it.

Children who are breastfed are more mature and confident. Continuous breastfeeding also helps to release hormones in the mother’s body which that promotes mothering behaviour. This milk helps to promote over all development of the child. There is simply nothing that can be substituted for mother’s milk that can provide similar levels of nutrition.


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