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10 Reasons Magento Is The Best B2B Platform by Value

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Magento has a reputation for excellent B2C eCommerce experiences. They are not nearly as well known for the value regarding functionality with numerous different platforms. There are a lot of benefits to Magento and the top ten are described below.

10 Reasons Magento Is The Best B2B Platform by Value

The Customization

Magneto offers exceptional customization, is built with popular languages for programming and is open source. If an individual has the expertise, budget and time Magento can be customized to accomplish almost anything. This is important for businesses requiring a specific B2B eCommerce experience.

The Expense

Magento is a lot less expensive regarding the licensing and implementation of the Enterprise edition. The $18,000 is much less than the licensing of other B2B eCommerce Enterprise platforms including Oracle and IBM. Magento also has an enormous community of solution partners and developers. Freelancers usually charge a fee of $80 to $200 per hour. The SAP type solutions generally have fewer options and run at least $300 per hour for development.

The Third Party Solutions

An existing solution is much cheaper than building new software. Magneto adds functionality to any website with an enormous collection of third party connectors, solutions and technology partners. The experience of the customer is enhanced with functionality solutions including Logic Broker and Apruve.

The B2C Experience

The differences between a B2C eCommerce website and a B2C site are mostly on the backend. The customers never see these differences. A business is run to make sales to consumers or other businesses. The most important elements are contained within Magento development services including a sidebar with layered or faceted navigation, a good search feature, a strong visual appeal, mobile friendly and easy navigation. Magento creates compelling and unique B2C experiences for B2B websites.

The Customer Groups

Most B2b businesses offer specific customers unique pricing. Certain groups of customers drive the percentage discounts. Magento can be effectively used to give certain customers special pricing or create groups of customers for pricing discounts. This flexibility is crucial for a successful B2B eCommerce experience.


Most business to business organizations have either back office systems or an ERP to track the sales process, finances, customers, orders, inventory and numerous elements. This must be tightly integrated within the eCommerce site to be successful. Magento offers numerous ERP connections including Epicor, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and NetSuite.

Invoicing and Order Fulfillment

Magneto’s office management means all orders can be viewed with a single click. There is a complete process for order fulfillment from new to complete. The statuses of orders can be customized for the practices of the business. Customers can be updated and invoiced regarding their shipping status.

Tiered Pricing

Any business dealing in a large volume probably uses tiered pricing. A pricing break is given to the bigger orders. Tiered pricing is built into the software including price point breaks.

The Responsive Design

The front end architecture of Magento is flexible making it an excellent platform for eCommerce. The basic theme provides an easy shopping experience for customers using desktops, tablets and phones.

User Permissions

User permissions are easily customized for numerous elements. Customers can add new options for shipping, billing and see recent orders.

These were some of the reasons why Magento is one of the most preferred B2B platforms when it comes to looking for a platform that adds value.


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