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Google’s regular algorithm updates, when released, will help business understand the best methods to gain higher rankings in search results. But as with every new release, the main objective is the same: produce high quality content to make sure you get found in a continuously evolving, complex and competitive online space. So what can you do to speak to your audience’s needs and desires?

Google and Their Love of Fresh Content

Blogging or sourcing the latest news articles is one of the most effective ways to help your business get found in search since Google loves receiving fresh content that helps its search engine figure out what your website is all about. With web pages being ranked based on how useful they believe it is for reader the more relevant it is to stay in touch and give the consumer rich content to consume.

Figure Out Your Target Audience

The point of your blog is adding value and engagement to your customers’ life online, so you need to fully understand out your target audience. Create a set of detailed personas and demographics that define your most crucial customer types.

What you need to define is:

  • Your personas’ demographics – lifestyle, age, location
  • What problems they want solved – they are searching the web to find answers
  • What they need from your business – give them an answer to their curiosity
  • What terms they’re most likely to search for – how they found your site

Make use of your USP (Unique Selling Point)

Make use of your unique selling point. Pinpointed your uniqueness in the market is crucial in to knowing how to add value to your audience and meeting with wants and needs. What content can you offer that your competitors can’t?

There’s nothing wrong with thinking outside the box a little bit. Try to go a little further with your content to increase engagement. Decide who you want your content to reach and inform, to educate or to inspire.

Start Setting up your Blog

Now that you know why you’re creating your blog, who it’s for and the type of content you plan to publish, it’s finally time to set it up. Select your topics wisely and ensure they meet the needs if your target audience.

Here are some other tips to follow to create engaging content

  • Create compelling content
  • Don’t sell a product directly, instead tell a story
  • Provide value for your audience
  • Create your own unique voice that echoes with readers
  • Understand your customers’ needs and then find out how to fulfil them with your content
  • Keep away from tedious, corporate speak and include industry passion within your writing

Businesses should no longer ignore the need for a regularly updated blog or news feed, it’s an essential way to connect to your audience and even create conversation and brand alignment.

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