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On August 21, the 2014 China Coal, Coke and Steel Industries Conference themed “the coal, coke and steel commercial ventures in change and value hazard administration” was held in Qingdao.
The gathering was mutually supported by the China National Coal Association (CNCA), the China Iron and Steel Association (CISA) and Dalian Commodity Exchange (DCE) and sorted out by www.mysteel.com (Mysteel for short).
In the inside of concern is the way to give full play to the capacities of DCE’s prospects business of ferrous industry chain and serve the advancement of the coal, coke and steel businesses.
Tending to the meeting, a DCE official said that DCE recorded the coke fates in 2011 and the coking coal and iron metal prospects in 2013, and regardless of the brief times of time,
the fates have seen stable operation, energetic exchanging and continually expanding open enthusiasm with the cost representativeness ceaselessly improved and the arrangement of fates items on the ferrous business chain steadily made strides.
Information demonstrate that in the first 50% of this current year, the three items recorded an every day normal open enthusiasm of almost 600,000 agreement; the modern endeavors have demonstrated developing eagerness to partake, and before the end of June in the not so distant future,
the 2,168 lawful persons taking an interest in the coke prospects secured the customers all in all industry chain, for example, makers, dealers and downstream steel plants; the quantity of corporate customers partaking in the coking coal fates arrived at 1,676, including the extensive measured coal makers and merchants notwithstanding the customary coking undertakings and iron and steel ventures;
with the most limited time of posting, the iron metal recorded 1,856 corporate customers taking part in the exchanging, including 6 mine endeavors, 48 iron and steel ventures, 339 brokers and an expansive number of financial specialists of stores, private trusts and fates, with 47 undertakings with the foundations of outside capital and the enhanced structure of business sector cooperation at first shaped.
As of late, Rizhao Steel Group marked China’s first iron metal premise exchange concurrence with CITIC Global Trade Co., Ltd. furthermore the subsidiary of Yongan Futures, presenting the estimating model,
which has been generally embraced globally and broadly utilized within household commercial enterprises of rural items particularly the food and oils, into the coal, coke and steel fields. It denote a huge venture forward for the conventional coal, coke and steel commercial ventures in making utilization of the fates market.
Discussing DCE’s work plans in the following step, the authority brought up that regardless of the great force of improvement at present, the three prospects results of coke, coking coal and iron metal are yet to be stretched and extended contrasted and other experienced fates items on worldwide and household markets.
As a business coordinator, DCE will proceed with the deliberations in advancing and enhancing the subsidiaries and instruments framework that can take care of the demand of assorted types of endeavors on the business chain for supporting by concentrating on the key reason for serving the businesses and always exploring and creating new items, new instruments and new exchanging models;
DCE will earnestly think about the internationalization program for the iron mineral prospects; DCE will keep on venturing up the exertions in business sector backing and development, dependably hold fast to the rule of serving the genuine economy,
further investigate the new modes of serving the commercial enterprises on the premise of keeping up the stable operation of the fates items, and help and urge more undertakings to viably partake in and make utilization of the fates market.
He said that since the eighteenth CPC National Congress, the CPC Central Committee and State Council have appended extraordinary imperativeness to the improvement of the fates advertise, and presented an arrangement of arrangements and measures, for example,
the “A few Opinions of the State Council on Further Propelling Sound Growth of the Capital Market”, the work in making the “Prospects Law” is vivaciously being pushed forward, the genuine endeavors have had the obstructions slowly evacuated in taking part in the fates business, and the interest of the true undertakings for cost administration has been progressively stronger.
In this manner, following 20 years of advancement China’s fates market has met an uncommon improvement opportunity in history with the value disclosure and danger administration bound to capacity all the more adequately.
He anticipated that the gathering will turn into a decent stage for trade and learning of the members on the coal, coke and steel modern chain, trusting that the prospects showcase in Dalian could serve as a successful channel for mechanical endeavors to oversee dangers of business sector costs and meet the business sector opportunities and difficulties.
Also DCE will try further endeavors and new commitments to advertising the change and advancement of China’s genuine economy.
Jiang Zhimin, VP of the CNCA, Wang Xiaoqi, VP of the CISA, Ma Wensheng, executive of Xinhu Futures and a master from the mechanical items business division of DCE conveyed keynote discourses individually on the operation of the coal economy, the status of the iron and steel industry,
how coal, coking and mine ventures utilize the fates instrument to deal with the value dangers and the operation of DCE’s prospects part of heater trouble.
The agents from the iron and steel and coking endeavors and exploration establishments dissected the improvement bearings of the undertakings under the new circumstance.
At the subject gatherings, the delegates from the prospects organizations, counseling associations and coal, coking and mine endeavors heartily examined the circumstances of the coal, coke and mineral markets, the customary undertakings attaining supportable improvement by utilizing the fates instruments and different subjects.
After the posting of the coke fates in 2011, upheld by CISA and CNCA, DCE held hands with Mysteel to hold two sessions of “China Summit Forum on Coal & Coke Industry Chain”, which were generally welcomed by the coal, coke and steel undertakings.
With the coking coal and iron metal prospects recorded on DCE in 2013, the relationship between the fates business sector and the coal, coke and steel undertakings have been closer and closer.
Keeping in mind the end goal to better serve the ventures, the meeting of this current year has been formally renamed “China Coal, Coke and Steel Industries Conference”, which is supported by the CISA, the CNCA and DCE and sorted out by Mysteel.
Later on, as DCE’s other industry meetings, the Coal, Coke and Steel Industries Conference will turn into a security profoundly incorporating the commercial enterprises and fund and a paramount stage for the prospects business serving the true economy.


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