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A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a ‘virtual machine’, designed and managed by a web hosting provider. It is dedicated to serving the specific needs of  customers. The server acts like an isolated physical computer and has privacy settings same as any other computer system. It has capabilities of a dedicated server as you can install any software on it and access it from anywhere.

Why VPS Hosting?

Now the question is, why should you opt for VPS hosting? First of all, it is usually hosted on a high-powered class hardware infrastructure. The host has the capacity to accommodate multiple “virtual servers” in its infrastructure and can scale it up and down from as much as ‘18 cores of CPU power’, to as small as a single core. At times it even gives up to 54GB of RAM to its clients.

The best part of VPS hosting is that you just need to pay for the resources you have used at any given occasion. Contrary to shared hosting, VPS hosting assures that you get the required bandwidth and server space all the time. VPS hosting usually offers disk performance, enabling it to take advantage of high-speed SSD RAID-10 storage.

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When to Move Toward VPS Hosting

The decision to move to a VPS should be made after much analysis and research. The following criteria should be kept in consideration before planning to do so:

  1. Need of private name servers – If your brand name is well-respected and gives you a distinctive edge in the market, it’s best to move for a VPS.
  2. Overwhelming traffic on the website – For efficient operations of your business, it’s very critical to have a high-speed server that can handle high amount of online traffic.
  3. Improvement in online security – You are operating in an industry where information is a source of major competitive advantage.
  4. Advantage in SEO – Private servers and dedicated IPs make it easy for you to implement SEO strategies.

How to Move to VPS Hosting

A fully managed and controlled VPS takes care of all website functions. Nonetheless, there are some steps that should be followed before making the switch:

Firstly, make sure to create a backup of all data and current hosting files. Although the transition to a VPS is very secure, as a precautionary measure, it’s best to take data backup, including your email data files.

After getting the backup, buy a VPS hosting package having well-defined storage space and bandwidth. Finally, install CMS and restore your data. Subsequently, update ‘name server’ so that it points to your VPS hosting.

Almost all web hosting companies are now providing Virtual Private Server hosting. To find the top VPS hosting providers, check out http://www.irdb.com/vps-hosting/. A dynamic VPS at times can be termed as a cloud server, since it can be moved to some other hardware, with the former still running. Majority of virtual servers are not only optimized for performance, but also have the provision of adding extra performance packs by paying just once.


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