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3 Reasons Today’s Biggest Brands Are Using Shipping Containers For Their Campaigns

Creating a clever, innovative and appealing campaign can be considered quite a challenge nowadays. Some would say that it is downright impossible to make something that hasn’t already been seen. That is why today’s biggest brands are trying a new approach when it comes to marketing their campaigns. The best part? It is a complete hit! Shipping containers are not used only for shipping anymore. Here are the 3 main reasons why these brands have decided to use this technique for promoting their business campaigns.

3 Reasons Today’s Biggest Brands Are Using Shipping Containers For Their Campaigns

They Are Different

Certainly the first reason why they opted for shipping containers is the fact that they are something different, something that hasn’t been used throughout the years and something that is new and easy to spot. It is in peoples psychology to be attracted to anything that isn’t standard and usual to them .That is why this is a great way to attract people and a new clientele. The best part is that you can design them in any manner that is suitable for your company’s work and campaign. For instance, in 2014. when FIFA World Cup was held in Brazil, Audi had a great idea of using shipping containers as a scoreboard that reflected the live scores of the games that were played in that moment. They used 45 containers with 28 Audi A8 cars that formed the scores by turning on their LED lights. That’s how you make a good advertising campaign.

They Are Flexible

Flexibility is one of the most important reasons why these containers make a good campaign. They are transportable and can easily change location in no time. This is quite a good aspect when it comes to promoting a certain brand all over the globe. Pop-up shops have increased in popularity over the years, especially when it comes to promoting products during major events and big holidays. New Zealand shipping container can be used for different events and even storage and accommodation. One of the best examples for this is the Red Bull campaign where they used an 8-by-20-foot shipping container and turned it into a completely functional convenience store. They added coolers, merchandise racks and even a register. It’s easy to set up and break down and that is exactly why it’s still used for various event on the West Coast.

They Are An Experience

By creating a clever campaign for promoting your products and your brand in general, you aren’t doing just the promotion of your company. You are creating a whole new brand experience that you share with your old and new clientele. It’s about making something different that people will remember and that will last longer than just a simple campaign. It is about creating a lifestyle and incorporating it into the lives of everyday people. It is not just about selling as many products as you can, it is about creating the lasting desire in people’s minds about your campaign, your brand, your company and yourself. There are all sorts of ways you can reuse shipping containers and create the best brand experience that will last for a lifetime.

Who would have known that reusing huge steel boxes could make a good business strategy, let alone be one of the most successful brand campaigns? This is exactly why all the biggest brands are now using this method for marketing their business. It only proves that the key to a good promotional strategy is to be creative, imaginative and innovative, which sometimes requires thinking inside the box.

Author’s Bio: Lana Hawkins is a crafty girl and a student of architecture from Sydney, Australia. She loves reading about sustainability and green design, as well as marketing strategies and branding that is her second major. In her free time she loves writing, cycling and cooking for her friends and family.


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