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6 Steps to Settle Into Your New Home

Buying a new home is an exciting adventure, but it’s also overwhelming when you’re suddenly left with a new space that’s totally barren. Decorating your new home is a lot of work, but if you break it down into manageable steps, you’ll have a lot more fun with the process. Below, we’ve compiled some tips to help you settle into your home.

Figure Out Your Financing

If you bought a fixer-upper or you’re simply planning on undergoing intense remodeling in your home, it’s important to figure out where you’re going to get the money to fund any changes. You could get a personal line or credit or a personal loan, for example. You can use a credit card if you’re making smaller changes that you can pay off quickly (especially if you get a credit card with a 0% introductory rate).

If you’re a current service member or a veteran, you can also get a VA streamline refinance loan or VA IRRRL. This can save you money on your mortgage and free up liquidity to spend elsewhere.

Address Interior and Exterior Paint Needs

If your new home is already looking a little tired and haggard due to old paint, a fresh coat can breathe new life into the exterior and interior spaces. For the exterior of your home, make sure you pressure wash the siding and walls first to remove old dirt and grime. It’s also a good idea to get confirmation that the color you want to paint the outside of your home is approved by your local HOA.

For the inside of your home, you can go wild. Neutral colors are always a good option, but you might want to make a statement with an accent wall in a bright color for visual interest. You could also put up interesting wallpaper.

Get Furniture

Finding pieces of furniture is the next step. You have tons of options at your disposal here. You can go thrifting at places like Goodwill, search online listings on apps like OfferUp, or even go to flea markets to find hidden gems. If you don’t care about price, you can also buy new furniture.

Don’t forget to add in rugs and other textiles to soften the look of your space, this is especially important for rooms like your bathroom.

Make Necessary Repairs

A new home probably won’t have too many issues, but it’s good to quickly address even minor issues if there’s a risk of them getting worse. This is especially important when it comes to plumbing problems – nobody wants to be left without water or being able to use their bathroom in their own home.

6 Steps to Settle Into Your New HomeAdd Art

Finding art and decorations for your home is arguably the most fun part of settling into your house. If you’re not sure where to start, you can first look for inspiration from places like Pinterest or Instagram. After you know what color palette and aesthetic you like, you can begin purchasing special items. Tapestries, crochet wall art, or driftwood pieces are all on trend right now.

To save money, you can also DIY your own art pieces. For example, you can do an acrylic pour painting which are almost impossible to mess up!

Fill Your Home with Greenery

No home is complete without an indoor jungle! Plants can clean up the air in your home and make your living spaces more cheerful and vibrant. If you’re worried about killing your plants, consider only choosing hardier species like succulents and ivy plants. You can also invest in watering globes to ensure that you’re not overwatering your plant friends.

Customize the look of your plants with hand painted pots or suspend them from hooks with crocheted potholders. There are tons of options to choose from!

Conclusion: Making Your House a Home

Moving into a new home is exciting: you have a total blank canvas. To start, focus on making the bigger changes first, like painting the inside and outside of your house. Once that task is done, fill in the interior spaces with furniture, art, and plants. You don’t have to do this all at once, but spread these tasks across a period, letting the space take shape slowly over time. With these tips, you’ll have a unique, cozy home in no time at all.


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