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Technological advancements have taken toll on our lives. With the tech gadgets getting smarter and advanced every passing day, we’re finding it hard to turn a blind eye and not update ourselves. It’s difficult now to use our dear old mobile phone when we find the latest devices with more features in the market. We just need to get our hands on the best device, don’t we! Let’s have a look at some of the best tech gadgets to-date.

Google Nexus 7:

Google Nexus 7

Recently Google Nexus 7, an android tablet, has won award for being the best tablet available in the market. Nexus 7 has a big screen which is always a plus point for users and has a beautifully textured surface. It has a slim bezel, putting the entire focus on the 7 inches screen and a usb port sideways. Nexus 7 has a conspicuously big, stronger battery and Google chrome browser to enable users to do as much net surfing as they like. With Nexus 7, you are relieved of saving and then finding your music video, ebooks well organized and systemized.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2:

Samsung Galaxy tab 2 has a large screen as well but a slightly bigger bezel. However, the best part about it is Galaxy’s great internal storage capacity with up to 16 GB. To boot, it comes with an external memory slot option, which isn’t valid with Nexus 7. So, if you’re a music and movie buff, you can have as many things in your tab as you like and when the memory seems to exhaust, you can increase it, thanks to memory modules like SD slot or microSD slot. In addition, it works with the voice commands; you don’t have to use your fingers a lot while using this advanced android tab. Camera results are satisfactory; Galaxy tab gives good results when it works in ample light or you can use a flashlight to enhance the visual quality. Moreover, Galaxy has a wonderful feature of taking several shots of a scene which the device put together afterwards to give you a single good shoot.

Samsung Galaxy S4:

Samsung has name in the market for its award winning S4. It is different from Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S2 in many ways. Appearance wise they haven’t changed much except for the fact that S4 is sporting a flat stylish back and a slightly bigger screen. However, there are other features that set it apart from any other phone in the market like smart scrolling which lets you view the pictures by tilting your device a bit, eye control/ pause features that pause a video when you’re not looking at the screen and the superb hovering feature which lets you receive or refuse a call by just hovering your finger above it. How cool is that!

Reminders Before Purchasing:

Before buying a device, ask yourself what exactly is important for you. There are a few features which are present in one and are lacking in the other. So, do your homework before buying one blindly. Plus, keep your budget in mind and shop around for finding a great deal.


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