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Facebook is the largest social networking site of the world with more than 900 million users. Mark Zuckerbergh, the extraordinary person who founded Facebook in 2004. He was attending Harvard University at that time. Facebook has reached 1+ billion users’ milestone Within 6 years. At present, it has become a part and parcel of our daily life. Today, it is considered the most popular social networking site of the world. The popularity of Facebook is increasing day by day.  In many ways it is assisting us and also harming us in other ways. Though Facebook has an enormous popularity, it has advantages and disadvantages also.


Advantages of Facebook:

Facebook is one of the most crucial mediums for communication and it is completely free. We can connect to different people all over the world through Facebook. It is the splendid opportunity to inform more about culture, religion, custom, tradition etc. We can find old friends as well as new friendships with the help of it very easily. We can share our feelings, thoughts and ideas of everyday life through Facebook. We get back friends’ reactions towards our feelings.

It has set up a privacy system that gives us the opportunity to customize our wish. Facebook has created Fanpage, Events, and Groups which are getting popular day by day. Chatting, notification, file sharing, messages etc. Are the new features of Facebook. We can stay connected through the features of the Facebook. Facebook chat box creates the scope of chatting with friends. Many organizations and celebrities use it to give their updates. Students have a great chance to share their feelings and ideas. They can share any information about their examinations, homeworks and assignments.

Online games on Facebook are very much attractive as well as popular with the friends. At present it is playing an important role in getting precious information. ‘Facebook like’ button is also very popular for the users. Now it is considered as a social bookmarking site also. We can post our web links, articles, photos etc. Through Facebook. The successful marketing campaign to many business organizations are Facebook advertising and Fan pages.

Disadvantages of Facebook:

Now we can talk about some disadvantages of Facebook. First and foremost I can say that Facebook is killing our valuable time. The biggest disadvantage of Facebook is ‘Fake profile’. Fake profile is very easy to create. Sometimes people insult or harass someone which is very painful. We find that it often brings the bad effect of the students. The students who are badly addicted to Facebook do not do well in the examination. Sometimes, some users post nude photographs in their account which is very shameful to us. The administrator of Facebook should take necessary initiatives to stop all kinds of abusing pages and groups.

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