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4 Advanced Grating Structures That Ensure Worksite Safety

Grating structures are one of the important parts in any type of construction. They look like frames or bars which are used in all type of buildings and even on the pavements and floors. The popularity of these structures has increased in the recent years.

Most of the architects are using the grating surfaces in the industrial sectors. Though, steel and aluminum grating items are available in the market, the FRP structures have more advantages compared to the conventional types. Let us see some of the types of grating.

Heavy Duty Steel Grating:

The steel gratings are available in various sizes and shapes. They are customized according to the requirements of the customers. These bars can withstand huge pressure. These grating structures are of fair price, they have a long life, and easy to install where they are required. They have very less manufacturing cost and they are very popular as a grating product. The heavy duty varieties are mostly manufactured to bear the load and they ensure safety and security. The heavy duty grating structures are used in the ramps, bus terminals, tunnel ventilation, docks and parking areas. The welding process makes the steel grating structures.

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Aluminum Grating:

This type of grating structures is available in the market as like the steel grating. They are strong and have the heavy weight. They are durable and most found in the platforms and in the industrial pavements. They are quite a low cost as compared to the steel grating. Due to their weight, they are not easily installed on the surfaces. They require labor for installation and are punched according to the requirements of the customers. They are available in various patterns to allow air and light to pass through them. To lower the weight, the manufacturers are now making low-weight plank grating structures of aluminum. They are non-corrosive and non-magnetic.

Welded Steel And Riveted Grating:

The riveted grating types are one of the oldest types of grating structures that used by the industry owners. They are used in the bridges, plant floors, highways and mezzanines. These grating products are used in the areas where the customers seek stiffness and strength. They can withstand huge pressure and the flush surface of these products offer good walking comfort. The fusing steel makes the welded steel grating varieties. They are best to be applied as the mezzanines, walkways and the security screens. They are available in two identical forms, the carbon and the stainless steel varieties.

Fibreglass Grating:

This is one of the demandable types of grating structures available. Fibreglass itself has various advantages over the above-discussed grating structures. The fiberglass composite grating are installed in various industrial sectors like petrochemical plants, oil and refineries, chemical plants and food processing units. They are non-corrosive, non-conductive; resistance to water, chemical and acids too. They are shock proof and light in weight. They are strong and durable at the same time.

Here are some of the common types of grating structures that are used nowadays in the industrial sectors for various applications. Among all, FRP grating has various advantages and is best compared to other products. Most of the architects are using the fibreglass grating and composite structures for their durable nature.


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