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4 Frivolous Tech Inventions That Spawned Modern Tech Advances

Technology is fun, but it is much more than a mere toy. In fact, it uses entertainment values to encourage increased productivity by making work seem engaging and fun. Frivolous tech inventions can sometimes be used to stimulate focus for tasks that would otherwise be exceedingly boring and menial. The vast utilities dramatically outweigh the trivial amusements. Here are four examples of seemingly pointless tech inventions which have yielded game-changing advances in technology.

1. Communication

During the industrial revolution it would take hours, if not days, to send messages from one location to another. As innovations in communication began to appear they were mocked and derided while face-to-face communication was proclaimed king. However, with decades of technological growth since then, the planet has never witnessed such a high level of interconnectedness. People can interact with each other from all around the world within seconds. Even just a hundred years ago, long-distance communication was a grueling affair rife with risks and waits. Now, instant exchanges can take place at any given moment or location. This level of connectedness helps us to learn more by interacting, and doing business, with people across the globe. Now we can instantly communicate with business partners on the other side of the planet.

2. Security

Threats are constantly evolving to pose new challenges in the 21st century, but technology gives people a chance to prepare for any potential hazard. Tracking systems protect valuable goods in transit, and automatic alarms can trigger immediate emergency responses. Guaranteed safety is not an idle plaything; instead, this assurance grants psychological calm through physical safety. Similarly, electronic databases are rigged with comprehensive encryption to prevent confidential financial information from leaking. These systems allow for worldwide commerce to be conducted without fear of identity theft.

4 Frivolous Tech Inventions That Spawned Modern Tech Advances

3. Mapping

GPS is not a novelty! Satellite monitoring systems have made getting lost a relic of the 20th century. It has never been easier to find a route to a new destination. Help with technology provides us with traffic alerts every minute, so mobile tracking devices can notify users of construction delays and accidents. This ingenious feature removes frustrating interruptions from a fast-paced daily routine.

4. Organization

The current financial sector’s endless complexities could not exist without automated processing. Offices can arrange their files into a streamlined order without hassle. Most sorting procedures are automatic, so clerical work rapidly diminishes. Scheduling requires little effort, and electronic calendars provide convenient updates to prevent any missed appointments. In every way, organizational capacities are enhanced by the small technological updates we have had in recent years.

Final Thought

The overwhelming benefits of technology do not eliminate the fact that some inventions are purely frivolous. Still, even the most purposeless distractions can inadvertently foster future advantages. For example, video game skills have become an important prerequisite for a variety of fields including military operations, surgical procedures and airborne navigation. Despite the outward appearance of a toy or useless novelty, every technological advancement can be adapted to serve a hidden purpose. This is even truer as individuals in the world market become more competitive and innovative.


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