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4 Ways Internet Will Change Our Lives In The Future!

Technology has been changing our lives for many years. The way we criticize our political leaders has shifted from newspapers to mainly Twitter. We may not remember the last time we watched television without using Netflix or simply downloading something on a laptop.

4 Ways Internet Will Change Our Lives In The Future!

Since future changes are inevitable, the best we can do is prepare for them. Below are a few ways in which we may expect the Internet to change our lives even further. Since connections speed are getting faster and Wi-Fi is becoming more readily available, we should take a look at what this means for us:

1. Constant Connection

Today, we connect to the Internet without much though. All we have to do is enter a password. However, there are huge limitations on our Internet usage if we really think about it.

We have to be near a Wi-Fi in order to connect to it.  We also need to know a password and cannot use it beyond a limited amount. That amount may be hue, but it is still limited.

In the future, we may look forward to a constant Internet connection. Moreover, this connection would be automatic, starting from the minute we wake up. We may not even have to press or tap a connect option.

On the downside, power outages and breakdowns would become even more a cause for worry than before. People, companies, and hospitals would all become very reliant on the internet. Even a ten-minute disconnect could mean an outbreak of panic and confusion.

2. AR And VR

Augmented reality and virtual reality are in the process of embedding the Internet into the real world. This means that your shopping experience might be done sitting at home.

You could enter a shopping center, fill up your cart, and check out without having to actually go anywhere.

Examples of this kind of future are glimpsed through Google Glass and the Microsoft HoloLens. Oculus Rift, the Playstation VR, and the HTC Vive are a few other examples.

3. Machines Taking Over Jobs

This has always been a concern whenever technology takes great strides. Machines are now capable of more and more tasks every day. They can even do detailed jobs much better than humans can. There is even a place for machines in intellectual professions such as writing.

However, there is a bright side to all this. While joblessness would probably increase at first, solutions are bound to come up. After all, there would always be someone needed to work on and with machines. Humans may need to work less, but they will hopefully not replace themselves.

Dissertation writers may take the help of computers, but the final product could be as unique if a computer was to work on its own.

4. Privacy Would Be Expensive

Already we can see that those living in the modern world often have little privacy. However, they simply cannot afford to disconnect for fear of losing out on a job or some update that could set them back.

Since privacy is becoming more valued, it is likely to become a commodity that people pay for. Apps would keep a close check on our lives and probably even dictate our decisions. Going off the grid then would be a luxury only some can afford.

We may find ourselves looking forward to unconnected vacations or hotel suites with Internet jammers. Quite an ironic view of the future, since we would be paying for something we take for granted today.


While the changes and advances may be gradual, they become an indispensable part of our lives. The Internet is going to be easier to access in the future. This would make several new things come to the fore, and other things obsolete. Mental preparation is hence the key for open-mindedness when the Internet becomes even more a part of our lives.

The above principles are the result of some well-thought-out predictions and analyses. Hence, they are definitely worth considering for the future.

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