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We cannot entirely get rid of TV service for it centers our life in the house. Each of the members of our house has their specific TV requirements. Some love watching sports, some are there to watch cooking shows, the toddler may enjoy poems in the morning, and who can overlook the Saturday nights when everyone sits and cuddles up in one blanket to watch a movie? The TV is like your alternative when your guests are over – it helps to give the company, filling the silence for those moments you are not around, caught up making a beautiful lunch or dinner. Apart from all that, television is a great source of information, knowledge, and entertainment. You keep yourself connected to the outside world with this luxury in your home – more like a necessity now. Why else would we name a certain part of the house after it? Yeah, we are referring to the TV lounge. In fact, keeping a TV in your bedroom is not a bad idea. You can watch movies and shows with your partner before falling to sleep. And have a little snack alongside it. Perfect Saturday night, isn’t it?

With all that stated, what’s worrying you is the numbers on the bill you receive at the end of every month, right? And you’re probably not sure how to have all that “fun” while your mind if thinking about those numbers every second you turn on your TV. Luxury should not financially drown you. It should be easy, fun and affordable – which is why we have gathered a few pointers that will help you cut down a few extra costs from your bill while retaining all the “fun” you expect from your TV set. Have a look at some of these points and call out all those things that you think you can do now:

Bundle your services

First of all, whenever you plan to get a cable TV network installed in your lounge, you should have done some thorough research on the best performing service providers in your area. Ask around in the neighborhood, or simply just research on Google a bit. Once you have done that, make sure you are trying to look at the deals that you “need”. Don’t fall of fancy offers that you not even need; just go for the ones that are offering your requirements. Now the trick is to bundle your offers in order to save up on two of the services you are using at your home. Let’s say, if you also use internet connection, you must not step away from the deals that offer internet and TV bundle packages. This way, you will have one provider that cuts you two deals in reasonable pricing. If your chances are good, you may even save up to $30 a month. Since we are on the subject, our recommendation would be to check out  and find various cable deals.

Cut down on the extra Equipment

Sometimes you find services that are dependent on other devices like modem, DVR, a router, receiver to enhance the performance of the service you have purchased. If you are going to purchase these devices, it may help you much more than renting these services but if you think these services are not necessary – aren’t serving a special performance, you should consider cutting down on them. It’s good to look at the alternatives. For example, you can stream your favorite shows on your phone and screen mirror them onto your TV using AirBeam, which could cut down on costs of cable services and channels. You’re just being lazy about it and it’s about time that you scrutinize every device you have purchased or rented, and see for yourself if they are doing a favor to you. It all depends on your needs. Again, do not fall for fanciness of these services. Just get your needs fulfilled.

Avoid Adding Premium Channels

One point where most people make mistakes is when they opt for the deal that offers the most channels whenever they sit down to register a cable TV package. That is a huge mistake. Why? Because at the end of the day, you are wound up with the number of channels that may not even be in your use. While you can only watch two or three shows a day, on a few specific channels, you keep thinking you will one day make most out of the deal you have bought yourself when in reality you cannot possibly do that. That may only work when you have a family of 10 people who have different interests but if it is just a family of 5 people and you know well how much one watches TV, you can decide the best deal that can fulfill each individual’s television requirement. At the end of the month, you would not be paying for each service; in fact, you will be paying for the channels you actually have time to watch.


Change the Service Providers

If you have observed that your service providers and feeding off of you, you don’t have to stick with them out of mere laziness. Most of the service providers perform well when they are under supervision or in the period of promotions but as soon as they end, you can distinctly observe how they costing you much more than what they promised you initially. This is when you realize you fell for a short-termed deal that is going to financially hurt you in the long run. Do not ever hesitate to confront their customer service agents to aware them of the service they have sold to you and ask them to cancel the contract before it is too late. Then research again, and find for an option that can benefit you in the longer run.


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