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5 Best Features Of WhatsApp

It has tremendous popularity after a few days its release. When Facebook acquired it and lift off the rental plan for its subscription, the more and more people are starting to use the Whatsapp service worldwide, this increased subscriber count into the millions. Presently, more than 700 million active users worldwide use the whatsapp services. Even though many other instant messaging applications available in the smart phone market, the whatsapp stood as the best one with its user friendly options and features. whatsapp has been delivering an outstanding performance when it hits an continues increase in active users count, the services are always stood best. There are some features, which attracted the most users towards the whatsapp.


The biggest feature in whatsapp, it is add free. There is adds popping up in the middle of doing something like in other apps. This is the biggest difference between other instant message service providers and this application. The whatsapp makers give a brief note, while installing the application about why they don’t support ad’s in the application. This feature enables the user to control the use the application seamless. The users need not to bother about any ads disturbance in the application usage.

Simple Interface

The application UI itself gives the brief conclusion of how well it supports the user requirements. The UI of the application comes with simple and easy ways to operate the application which doesn’t require much scrolling or going through different options. They’re less options that user required mostly to use. Other applications by default provides unwanted menu options which user doesn’t use much.


whatsapp gives an amazing backup option which gives an option for your entire conversations and settings back to you. This backup doesn’t store somewhere in the cloud, but it’s clear resides in your memory. It is very easy get back your backup into your new whatsapp account. It is useful to so many people whose phone always crashes the application because of their device lower configurations.

Broad Casting

You can also get an option in the whatsapp messenger which gives an extra power to the user to send bigger messages or other multi media messages to many contacts at once. This enables to send one single message to many friends or group members easily. This requires no extra cost at all. You can broad a video or image or audio message by just a few clicks. This makes the conversation more flexible and interesting.

Email the Conversation

Another best feature in this messenger is emailing the entire conversation to your email. This can save you so many times, people who do longer conversations, love birds, friends, funny conversations or any important conversations can emailed to your id which can be great and beautiful memories for you.


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