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Getting Taller Is Not Rocket Science Anymore

It is a harsh truth that height is determined by the genes in the body. There is nothing a person could do regarding this and thus getting taller by six inches in your late twenties will not be possible. Yet if a person wishes to add one or two inches to his height at the age of eighteen, it is quite possible. There are majorly three ways to increase height. These ways are:

1. Surgical: the surgical method for increasing height is not much popular today. The reason is that it is quite painful and complex. There can be many complications with this method and thus most people do not prefer engaging themselves in this risky method. This method is a very quick way of increasing height but this method comes along with a large amount of risk and a very huge cost. Most people cannot afford it and even if they do, the pain this surgery causes is quite a lot.

2. Drugs: the market is full of drugs i.e. pills, and injections which are said to produce an increase in height. These drugs are being advertised at many places and are quite costly. As per science it is impossible to get an increase in height through these pills. These drugs are fraudulent products which do not have any good effect on the body. There can be many side effects of these drugs especially on heart, kidney and liver. Also they are quoted with a very high cost which is basically a waste.

3. Natural: the natural methods are the best ways of increasing height. Their effect is not fast yet they do not cause any harm to the health of a person. The basic methods of getting an increase in height naturally are:

Sports: engaging in sports activity is a very good way of getting a good height. There are certain sports which have a direct effect on the height of a person. Swimming is the best example of such a sport which increases height. Football, running and badminton also increase the height.

Yoga and stretching exercises: yoga is growing in popularity because of its effect on weight. But along with this it also helps in increasing height. Most people who practice yoga have claimed to have got an increase in their height. Hanging from bars and other stretching exercise also have a great impact on the height of a person.

Diet: a good diet has a direct effect on height. Children who get plenty of calcium, zinc, vitamin D and other nutrients in their diet are said to be taller. A good diet means to consume fruits, vegetables, healthy oils, meat, eggs and nuts.

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Lifestyle changes: changes in lifestyle can actually have good effect on height. The present lifestyle is having minimal exercise and maximum intake of unhealthy food. Certain changes can elongate height. Avoiding cigarettes and alcohol, good sleeping schedule, avoiding stress and exercising daily can lead to an increase in height.


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