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5 Best Places To Find New Android Apps

What are the odds of finding a Canadian without a smartphone? Currently, almost everyone owns one as the world has gone digital. Accessing entertainment options such as online gambling is now easier compared to the early days when smartphones were a preserve of a chosen few.

Furthermore, investment in mobile networks is contributing to increased internet speeds. Many countries are expecting the 5G network, which will see their internet speed increase incredibly.

But having a good smartphone is not enough. You need good mobile apps to achieve the functionality you desire. If your phone is android, you can access awesome android apps. There are many android apps currently, and some of them suck when you download.

But if you know the best place to find your apps, you won’t face such problems. Our expert Kevin Cochran (check his profile here), will guide you on how to go about it. Read on to find out.

Here are the best places to find new android apps

Getting new android apps may be challenging, especially if you don’t know a suitable place to find them. But don’t worry because we have a list of the best places you will find the android app you need. Take a look at them to know the best site for you.

The official android site

Talking about android apps, we can’t forget about the first place to find them. The official android site is the best place for your amazing app. Most of the developers will have a site that is solely dedicated to the gaming app you want to download. In other cases, you will find a site with an assortment of games created by the same company in other cases.

Typing the name of the app on a search engine is the first step in this journey.

It’s not complicated, provided you are on stable connectivity. The ideal site has a list of the features of the android application you are looking for alongside reviews that will make your selection easy. The review will also increase your knowledge about the apps you need before installing them.


Androlib acts as the dictionary for the android apps you need. It has everything you need to know about the apps. It is one place for all the apps, including the Canadian casino app for Android, like Playamo casino. Its outstanding feature includes the ability of the users to search their favourite apps.

It has various categories. Besides, you will find accurate stats for many downloads and star ratings for many android apps on a 5-star scale.

It has gone beyond to avail the QR codes for downloads and video demonstration on installing the apps you need and how to use them. The site also has special sections for games. If you need to know the top apps of the day, you will find a dedicated section.

Google Play Store

If you have owned more than two android smartphones, you must have noticed that none of them comes without an installed Play Store from Google. The best site that has been reputable over the years is the Google Play Store. It shows the users the updated apps anytime they get to the site. It is one of the players that Canadians can get apps of the platforms reviewed and enjoy their gambling sessions.

Amazon App store

5 Best Places To Find New Android Apps

If you are an App developer, and you are looking for the best place to release your app, the Amazon App store is among the coolest. You will be paid and also enjoy other amazing benefits.

For Canadian Android users looking for their favourite apps, the Amazon App store is the best place for all your needs. Besides, there are free apps that you can access, try and download if you love them.

Get Jar App store

Get jar App store is a twin brother of the Google Play Store. However, it takes pride in its uniqueness. If you are a Facebook user, you can access the user reviews about the site through their Facebook pages. Besides, there is a review section for the apps that allows the users to know more about them. It has free premium apps that users can try.

The above sites, alongside other exciting ones such as the Slide Me App store, are good download points for android apps. Do you know other better sites like the ones highlighted above?


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