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6 Businesses That Will Stay Relevant As Technology Changes

Technology continues to advance, and as it does some jobs are being phased out for more efficient automated methods. For example, in many production facilities, line workers are being replaced by highly efficient robotic procedures. However, if you’re just starting out, or looking to change careers, here are a few jobs that will be relevant no matter how much technology progresses.

1. Computer Science

Even as technology advances, computer scientists will still be needed to repair, program, and design the technologies that replace traditional jobs. It’s arguable that the more advanced technology becomes, the more faulty it becomes, and the higher the need there will be for those with computer science knowledge.

2. Engineers

Someone has to build the computers, mainframes, and robots that replace human workers, and who better than engineers? Becoming an engineer is easier than ever; there are plenty of engineering schools online for interested students. Engineers will be needed to build infrastructure for more housing, build better bridges, and build more efficient designs of current technologies.

6 Businesses That Will Stay Relevant As Technology Changes

3. Doctors

Even if we one day use machines to perform super-accurate surgeries, it will still be doctors who program them. The caring touch needed to deal with sick patients is something technology can never replace, and as lifespans increase, the need for doctors will increase as well. Not only doctors, but anyone in the healthcare field, nurses included. Even as new technology creates cures for cancer or microscopic surgeries, doctors and nurses will still be required to diagnose patients and help administer these new treatments.

4. Accountants

Benjamin Franklin was right when he said two things were certain: death and taxes. No matter how far technology advances, taxes will never go away, and businesses will always need someone to manage their expenditure and keep records. Accountants have a bright future no matter what. Sure there is new technology that makes it easier to manage finances, but for legal reasons, people will always need an accountant to help sort things out.

5. Environmental Scientist

Mankind is already struggling to balance our usage of resources with what we have available. As technology advances, so will this dilemma, so scientists well versed in the ways of the earth will always be needed. Men and women who can advise businesses on how to be economically friendly and warn the public as a whole of the consequences of actions are vital; where would we be if we never became aware of the hole in the ozone layer?

6. Human Resource Managers

As lifespans increase, so will the average career length. With more and more people coming into the workforce, there will be an increased need of workers to manage so many individuals. People will always need to work, and therefore someone will need to lead them.

No matter where technology takes us, jobs will still be available. Some jobs may fade away, but they will be replaced with jobs in other fields. Studying in one of the fields listed above will help you stay relevant and you can be sure that work will always be available even as new technologies emerge.



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