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There are millions out travel apps out there for all cell phone devices. It is important to choose wisely, though with free apps you can download whatever you want, test them and decide if they suit you. Here are 5 Best Travel Apps for Android.

1. Expensify

Best Travel Apps for Android, the Expensify makes it ridiculously very simple to upload and organize costs. You can e-mail electronic invoices directly to your account, / image and upload receipts. It scans those receipts to parse out the important data. Submitting expense reports is as easy as grouping invoices and receipts. You get 10 free scans a month, and upgrades are somewhat cheap.

2. Car Service

Best Travel Apps for Android, the car service is a bit of a luxury. But it can save your butt in the city if cab service is spotty. Car services such as Uber and GroundLink make getting a ride easy. You can feed the app your credit card information. A couple taps later, you have got a car hired and on its way to your location.

3. Flight Track

Best Travel Apps for Android, the Flight Track, as the title suggests, tracks your flights. It is attractively designed and will show city info, flight numbers, exodus and arrival dates and times, in addition to layover extents. You will get hold up forecasts and climate info, general flight paths, and links to alternate flights, airline info, Seat Guru Seat maps and the capability to depart yourself remarks on a flight.

4. Trip it

Best Travel Apps for Android, the Tripit travel app is mainly useful for businesspersons. Businesspersons are generally so busy with their agenda that they do not have time for making travel arrangements such as hotel, arranging meetings, booking, flight reservations etc. It will organize all the travel plans in one place so that they can be accessed anytime and anyplace. You can share your trip plans with your friends and family/ your business colleagues.

5. World mate

Best Travel Apps for Android, the World mate app automatically organizes your journeys, presents you flight alerts and provides many other magnificent travel services.  By using this app, the Users can book rent cars, hotels, manage their itinerary etc. Users have to simply ahead their confirmation emails to World mate app and it will mechanically create the travel plan which comprises full trip details such as gates, terminals, phone numbers, addresses etc. This app will supply the users with full details of the hotels like cost, amenities and map outlook and assist you make sure you have booked the best hotel for your stay. You reserve a car at hundreds of airports all around the world, make fast hotel reservations, get currency exchange rates etc.

Best Travel Apps for Android, all you need to do is select the travel apps you want, install them and have the trip of a lifetime using your Android Smartphone as your own individual, private tour guide.


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