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Mobile applications have become a large part of people’s daily lives. Whether they are at school, work, home, the doctor’s office, or anywhere else, mobile apps help people be better informed, productive and connected. New developments in mobile conference apps are also very helpful in organizing big conference events where people come together for a common interest. In this post, we will take a look at five cool things a mobile event app can do at a conference, and how it’ll help attendee engagement like never before.

Attendee Badge Scanning

Having information about those who attend a conference is invaluable information that can help better the experience for everyone in attendance. New mobile applications allow for an attendee badge scanning system that immediately scans an attendees badge when they enter the event, every part of the conference they check out, everything they purchase and more. As soon as an attendee is given a badge, it can be scanned at each part of the conference to find more detailed information about them. Not only does this help the attendee get more detailed information in things that interest them, but it also helps those putting on the conference, a better idea of what that person is looking for specifically.

Five Cool Things A Mobile Event App Can Do At Big Conferences

Mobile Agenda

Conferences are known for their hectic schedules and the variety of things that they put on. Mobile applications that have an agenda make it easier for people to keep up with everything that is happening at the event. For conference creators, you can now save money on printed paper guides, and instead offer a more interactive guide that people can check on their mobile devices. Furthermore, you can even create mobile alarms that remind people whenever a certain part of the event is about to begin.

Social Tools

With the popularity of social media, it’s no surprise that social tools can be helpful during a conference. When people come to the conference, they can check in to let their friends know about the conference itself. This will generate knowledge about the conference and possible garner more publicity as well. As for those attending the conference itself, they can interact with one another, share photos, find information and more, all by being a part of the social media element of the conference.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Mobile applications present a great opportunity for companies to get awareness out about their brand. For those that put on the conference, this is an opportunity to generate revenue by charging the companies for sponsorships. And for those that are in attendance, it’s an even better opportunity to find more information on the companies, products, and services that you are interested in.

Event Analytics

Even analytics can help you find out about the most popular things happening at an event. For example, if you have a bevy of people checking in at a certain demonstration or product booth, it will generate more attention towards that area. This gives attendees a good idea of what is important to see at the conference, but also for companies to get an idea of what is interesting to potential clients.

The opportunities of a mobile application at a conference are nearly endless. This is especially true at a conference where you can learn more about the event itself, as well as the products and companies involved, with mobile applications that are specific to the event and white labeled as your brand.


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