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Mary, a little-known mother of three children living in Chennai, India, started looking young in just 14 days by using Bella Labs and La Creme samples on her face.

Mary had wrinkles all around on her face making her look more aged, and causing her worry. She, like any average American, lived on her monthly salary, there being no potential of extra wealth to have any high-ended anti-aging treatments. She was not ready to borrow money for treatment. She was, however, conscious about making self improvement by taking only an affordable solution to rid herself of the aging wrinkles.

The Bella Labs and La CremeFinally, the good day came, when Mary, on seeing a television documentary on ‘cell revival’ discovered two beauty creams of two skin care companies Bella Labs and La Creme were able to do the anti-aging trick in a very cheap and effective way. She started using the medicines and got soon free from wrinkles to her great, pleasant shock. Also, her neck and face got tightened and became handsome as the wrinkles disappeared.

The wonder drug:
Mary further found on research that the medicine used for cell revival was Polymoist-PS, containing powerful anti-oxidants, vitamins and moisturizing agents. It is a latest formula treating skin at the cellular level causing displacement of dead skin cell layers by soft, tender skin from underneath.

She even found the secret that celebrities also were using the same anti-aging skin care products Bella Labs and La Creme with Polymoist-PS for years, to look young. A prominent doctor in skin care field also confirmed this secret, according to Mary.

The irony is that she used these medicines which she got as free samples. And, it worked wonders removing the wrinkles in so short a period, at zero cost which otherwise would have taken thousands of dollars.

How to use the medicinal creams?

Wrinkles get removed and people start looking young when Bella Labs and La Creme are both used; Bella Labs, the Wrinkle Reducing moisturizer is to be applied in the morning, while La Creme, the anti-aging cream is to be used at bed-time for best results.

The success story of self improvement appeared on the Internet, and we thought to share it with our readers also who are desirous of freeing themselves of wrinkles on faces. It changed Mary’s life with rejuvenation, and hope it can change your life also.

“The clinical studies of Bella Labs and La Creme and their positive results influenced me to give a fair try which ultimately became the cure- all for removing all wrinkles. Other creams in the market are more expensive apart from their results being far from satisfactory”, Mary adds with an air of satisfaction and pride.

She further continues, “ once I started using the creams, wonders also started happening. The wrinkles, pores and marks on my face, all disappeared gradually one by one as days passed on. At the end of 14 days of use, my scepticisms were gone, so also my wrinkles. I felt a toned-up blood circulation and tightening up of muscles causing a sense of resurrection in me”.

So, when you have wrinkles, why not give a fair try with Bella Labs and La Creme for self improvement, the tested medicinal creams?


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