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5 Great Things You Can Control From Your Cell Phone You Didn't Know About

A smartphone owner has a great tool in his or her hands. An owner of a smartphone can check sports scores, text his or her friends and even plan a trip. However, a person can also control a lot of electronics from his or her phone. With this in mind, here are five things that you can control from our cell phone.

Security System

With a Samsung galaxy from Bell, a person can download an app and control his or her home security system. This is a huge benefit to a person who wants to turn his alarm on or off from anywhere in the world. Other times, a consumer can use the phone to check up on the house and even look inside via a well-placed Webcam. Either way, with Bell cell phones, one can protect his or her house from anywhere in the world.


Most cable companies have apps which allow a user to control his or her DVR from anywhere in the world. This is extremely advantageous for a person who loves watching their favorite shows. In fact, with the provided app, a person can record and delete shows without much work.

5 Great Things You Can Control From Your Cell Phone You Didn't Know About


Many auto manufacturers have created apps that allow a person to control his or her car security system from afar. With this, a person can lock or unlock his or her vehicle with their smartphone. This is beneficial for a person living in the middle of nowhere as it is often hard to contact AAA or another company to fix the problem.

Home Computer

When a person wants to jump into his or her computer and print something or fix a small issue, they can use a smartphone. This is great for a busy person who may need to access small items from their computer. One must remember that to use this app, they must leave their computer and router on 24/7.

NAS Drives

When looking to access a network area storage drive, a person should use a smartphone application. This is perfect for a busy IT professional who, at times, needs to hop in to the NAS device and make small changes or delete a file.

Without a doubt, a smartphone is a great tool for anyone who wants to control his or her life with ease. While this is true, many do not know the full powers of this machine, and they often miss out on plenty of cool things to take advantage of and enjoy.


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