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Life in the modern world is difficult. There are a lot of things that have to be done. This is very true if you are at college. But for to help us handle this stress of 21st century life there is a 21st century solution: mobile applications. According to a study by Apple Inc. there are now 20,000 apps available for students. And with most students having a smartphone, tablet or other app using device that number will get bigger.

The diary is dying. In the modern world, for planning, the app is the number one contender to take its place. For students going to college and leaving home for the first time, the thought of planning and organizing things can be daunting. Here mobile apps can lend a helping hand.

Balancing an academic workload, working to deadlines, maybe doing a part-time job and of course socializing can be a problem. Luckily there are many apps available to easily bring all these things together.

Brad Monroe, a final year student at George Washington University in D.C. has spent some time experimenting with several organizational apps and reported that some students will greatly benefit from integrating some of these apps into their life.

  • iStudiez Pro

Launched in 2009, iStudiez Pro is an app which acts as a center point for your academic and college life. Available for Mac, iPad and easily integrated with other Apple devices, IStudiez Pro is a must for the modern student.

iStudiez Pro breaks academic student life down in to five sections. These sections include; Overview, Planner Instructors, Assignments and (last but not least) Holidays. And along with planning your studies you can use it to make time for the most important social occasions. The best section is the assignments planner: Thanks to there being a clock here, you can see deadlines as they get closer.

It can even track your grades and manage your current GPA. Being able to track your academic progress like this is a major advantage of iStudiez Pro.

  • Quizlet

Quizlet gives a student new ways to study for assignments and exams. Revision can be helped by the 10 million sets of digital flashcards, which cover both basic and complex subjects and topics. And if you’re not satisfied with the existing cards, you can make your own. To make your own card you just add whatever information you want to each card you need and from there build your own deck. The ability to build both big and small decks, allows you to revise a topic in as much or as little detail as you want.

You can choose from four alternate study styles and two flashcard based games. Unlike some apps for students, Quizlet is web accessible. And Quizlet is available for iPad, iPhone and for students without an Apple device Quizlet also works on Android.

  • inClass

inClass, for iPad and iPhone, allows a student to archive material from their class. Using inClass students can voice, and video, record classes, use their device camera to capture text and other information. This software is not only popular with students. It has been used by a number of professors to prepare and present information to their classes.

Using inClass, you can share academic material with friends on Facebook and via iTunes. This is perfect for those unavoidable times when students have to miss a class (liked due to illness).

  • iProcrastinate

iProcrastinate is quite different to the other planning apps available. While other apps just show you what you have to get done, iProcrastinate shows you how you’re going to do the things you got to do. iProcrastinate allows you to break each task down into steps and set out a route to follow, to achieve your goal.

By breaking tasks down they become more manageable. This is great for working in a group when students have to synchronize what they are doing. Through iProcrastinate students can share their work among their group.

IProcrastinate is available for Mac and iPhone. And you can use it to share your work through social media sites such as Facebook.

  • Outliner

For iPhone and iPad, Outliner lets a student organize tasks, assignments, and notes. But this is more than just an app to organize your life. Outliner uses the Dropbox cloud service, making sharing any documents easy. And by using Dropbox, there are almost no restrictions on where things can be shared.

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