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A vacuum heat sealer is a machine used to seal products, packaging and thermoplastic materials using heat and suction. Top uses for vacuum heat sealers include sealing food, preserving products, containing liquids, resealing items and corrosion prevention. Here’s an in-depth description on the variety of uses for vacuum heat sealing:

  1. Food Sealing

One of the most common uses of vacuum sealing is to preserve food long term. For example, if you buy meat in bulk that you know you won’t get to for a little while, vacuum sealing can keep it fresh and safe from developing freezer burn and icing over. This can also apply to non-meat products, like fruits and vegetables, and can increase the expiration date by as much as year in some cases. For those who often buy in bulk or who own crops or hunt, this extended shelf life is a valuable commodity and extremely helpful. Keep in mind that not all foods preserve the same, and while meat may last you over a year, some products only get a few weeks extension.

  1. Prevent Corrosion

Vacuum sealing products prone to forms of corrosion like rust, can extend the life of the product. When you vacuum heat seal a product you leave no room for air which in turn stops the process of corrosion. Products made of metals such as iron and copper benefit from this sealing process and can be valuable assets to a variety of professions, including mechanics and engineers.

  1. Reseal Bags

Once you’ve already opened up a bag or product it is almost impossible to get it perfectly sealed again. This technique can be used on large items, such as a bag of cat litter, or on smaller things like the seal on camera equipment. This is particularly useful for those who travel and want to prevent damage to expensive items you bring with you, like scuba diving gear or sports equipment.

  1. Preserve Products

A lot of industries require that devices be kept sterile and uncontaminated and vacuum heat sealers can help make that possible. For example, in the health industry it is of the utmost importance that all products and devices are kept clean and well-preserved. Medical device packaging machines use vacuum heat sealing technology to ensure the preservation of incredibly expensive devices and keeps them in top shape over time.

  1. Seal Liquids

Believe it or not, but vacuum heat sealers can actually seal liquids with the proper bag type. For most liquid products, once opened you have a short window to use the product by. Vacuum sealing them can add significant shelf life and lets you save soups, wine and much more long-term.

Vacuum heat sealing is an effective process that has helped increase the quality and efficiency of products, devices and even food. This form of sealing has become even more accessible and people worldwide have invested in the product in order to reap the long-term benefits.


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