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6 Ways IoT Will Impact The World In The Future!

Nobody would even dare deny how much the internet has impacted society as a whole today. Now there is a big buzz around ‘the internet of things’ or simply IoT. Imagine a world in which everything around us, from our homes to schools and businesses, having to be connected to the internet.

People and businesses will be able to manage their assets better and make more real-time and informed decisions without having to wait in queues. At the moment, we are at the early stages of a digitized world, but it is showing its potential. Here are some of the best ways in which IoT will impact the future.

  1. There Will Be Improved Home Security 

Companies like Dropcam and Canary are coming up with smart devices that will allow you to keep an eye on your house without actually being there in person. The products will be smart security cameras that will alert you if it detects any unwanted presence in the house.

It will even show you a live feed of your house’s living room anytime you see fit. Everything from your kids to your pets and the back door that comes with a dodgy lock can be monitored.

  1. Cars Will Book Themselves For Maintenance

You no longer have to worry about forgetting to take your car for its necessary maintenance as cars connected to the internet will be able to check the calendar and match it with that of the mechanic’s and tell you when the next checkup will be.

Additionally, self-driving cars are only a few years away from going global. If there is a maintenance check, then these cars will be able to see the mechanic on their own.

  1. Smart Home Will Be Prevalent

The other thing that we are looking towards is a house that is smart and personalized to your tastes. For instance, there are lightbulbs that can change their colors depending on your mood. There could also be a touchscreen fridge that will pull up a menu based on your eating habits and the food you have.

We can even make customizations to it if we like.

  1. Wearables Will Help Keep Track Your Health

Smart watches that measure your fitness and healthcare activities, as well as heartbeat and calories, are already there. But IoT devices will be taking a step further and will be monitoring your overall wellness and not just your fitness.

In the future, doctors might make use of 2nd generation iWatch and Simband that are rumored to include heart rate monitors and wellness trackers and use it to monitor the conditions of their patients.

  1. You Will Have Access To The Most Up-To-Date Information

With everything in your house connected to your broadband router, you can easily receive the latest updates and patches from headquarters within minutes. The security of your house will improve as you keep updating your smartphone on a regular basis. It will also add extra features and squash bugs.

  1. There Will Be No More Gridlock Hassles

Traffic is a nuisance, especially when half of the world lives in urbanized areas. It gives rise not only to traffic but also to smog, crime, disorganized trash bins and inefficient lighting that push up the electricity bill. But there are technological advancements that aim to rectify this dilemma.

There will be spotlights with embedded video sensors that can adjust their lights to green or red, depending on where the cars are and determine the time of the day. It reduces both smog and congestion because vehicle sitting on a red light would consume about 17% of fuel in urban areas.

There is all this and so much more that we wish we could fill into this article.

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