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Facebook marketing is has become the marketing platform of choice for a vast majority of businesses. Thanks to its effectiveness and the variety of ad types that can be done on Facebook, both free and paid, it grew to be a tool that businesses can use to serve their marketing needs.

While Facebook is undeniably a powerful marketing platform, its effectiveness is still dependent on the impact your marketing campaigns and strategies can generate. In order to help you achieve that, here are seven marketing ideas that can help you drive better results for your brand.

1. Organize your profile page

The first thing that you have to do to make sure that your Facebook marketing initiatives have the potential to realize the goals you set for it is to have an organized Facebook profile. While this might sound a bit confusing to some, the central idea is to make your page contain essential information that your audience would be looking for.

Your brand’s Facebook profile will contain tabs, and it is best for you to provide as much information on your business as possible. Of course, you are only expected to place information that can be shared and would be of value to your audience. This involves but is not limited to contact information, business address, your website, and brand description.

2. Customize your Facebook Audience

The second strategy that you can embark on is customizing the audience that you target. Facebook provides businesses with the ability to pinpoint the type of audience that they will target for their Facebook marketing campaigns, especially for paid ad formats.

One of Facebook’s most effective audience targeting tools is Facebook Custom Audiences which allow you to make use of people that have established some form of relationship with your brand such as the following:

  • Users that have become customers, and have done business with you in the past
  • Users that have visited your site
  • Users that have installed your mobile app

Some ads are particularly applicable to one of these three customer audiences. But aside from these, Facebook also allows you to come up with lookalike audiences, or a set of potential audiences that share the same characteristics with your current customer base. This provides an additional way for you to expand your audience list, but at the same time limits it to people who would more likely respond positively.

3. Broadcast on Facebook Live

Another Facebook feature that you should be able to maximize is Facebook Live. It’s something not all businesses find potential on, but with proper usage, can serve your brand well.

Videos are highly engaging, and a live feed is seen as even more appealing because of its sense of immediacy and urgency, making it even more effective. But again, as in any marketing strategy, the tool alone is not an assurance that your campaign will be effective.

Some of the ways you can effectively make use of Facebook Live to boost your brand are the following:

  • Hosting a real-time game or contest
  • Holding a Q&A session with experts or an influencer
  • Giving your audiences sneak peek or behind-the-scenes to some important events your brand is part of.
  • Featuring a product
  • Streaming a product demo

4. Optimize your Posting Time

A thing to consider when coming using Facebook as a marketing tool is that time is not always in your favor. There are days of the week and times of the day that it is better to post, and there are others that you should just wait it out or use to come up with the next campaign.

Generally speaking, the best time to post on Facebook for maximum potential is on the early afternoon of the work week. And since that is a very general time, what would be better for you to do is to check when your audience is most active. Facebook Page Insight has this feature called “When Your Fans Are Online” which will show you which day and at what time of the days your Facebook fans are online.

The times and days of the week that have been showing the most online activity would be the best time for your posts. The idea is that it is best for your audience to see your campaign as soon as they are released or your campaign might end up buried by other stuff on Facebook. Worry not, as Facebook also provide scheduling the publication of your posts can be done so that you will not need to wait for the actual time and post during this time yourself.

5. Boost your posts to increase Engagement

For brands who are willing to invest so that their Facebook marketing campaigns would have even more potential, then boosting your posts is a good idea.

To boost your post on Facebook means that your post will be taken into your desired audience. Of course, you will still have the ability to reach them organically, but it would be a lot easier for you to invest a little amount in bringing your post in front of your target audience. This way, you will be sure that other ads on Facebook would destroy your chances to reach your desired audience.

6. Re-engage past customers with Facebook Remarketing

A Facebook marketing strategy that is often underestimated is Facebook remarketing. This means that you will reach out to leads that you were able to engage with but failed to be converted, or those that are currently not active.

You can retarget them again with the help of Custom Audiences. Remarketing is essential because this allows you to have a second chance on missed opportunities, and also allow you to re-engage past customers so that you can do repeat businesses with them. The idea is to maximize your business’ ability to gain from your leads.

7. Make use of Facebook Analytics

Finally, it is important that you make use of Facebook Analytics to boost your brand. Many analytics tools aim to help improve your Facebook marketing through the use of data. Among the most basic is Insights, which is built into the Facebook Platform itself. This shows you a lot of actionable statistics such as likes, reach, and engagement.

You should also try out making use of Facebook Pixel which allows you to track the activity of traffic that is led to your site through your Facebook ads.

Other than these, there are also a lot of third-party analytics tools that can help you leverage the power of data to boost your Facebook marketing.

Power up your Facebook marketing today

Facebook marketing is indeed an effective strategy, but its limit is how strategic your Facebook marketing campaign is. There is also a Facebook marketing company that could help boost your brand effectively.

So, Power up your Facebook campaigns today with these seven effective strategies and drive better results to your brand!



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