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Businesses of any type can be quite demanding, but you don’t have to do everything yourself. Many needs are covered by various types of business services, such as scheduling, collaborative tools, managed hosting and other types of services and software. Software as a Service models don’t even require you to install anything on your own computers. Instead, you access these services through cloud computing to deploy it across your business.

Software as A Service

Cloud computing is a rather prominent buzzword these days, but it’s more than just marketing speech. If you want to save money on deployment and setup, cloud computing provides you with full software services maintained and hosted on their cloud servers. The company hosting the application takes care of all of the troubleshooting and any other problems you may encounter for you. With the way Software as a Service applications are designed, even if one of the physical servers goes down in the cloud, the others seamlessly pick up the slack so you won’t encounter downtime. The other advantage of this type of service provides is that you can scale the deployment up or down depending on your needs. You won’t be paying for anything more than what you’re using, which is great if you’re starting out on a limited budget and only need to work with increased needs occasionally.

Project Management Software

Project management software goes a long way to making your business life easier. If you’re having problems keeping track of where everyone is on a particular project, and individual reports just aren’t cutting it, you can turn toward a collaborative tool for your team. Project management software allows you to set up a login for your team, who updates information on the project. You don’t have to wonder whether a particular aspect of a project is getting completed. Instead, just log in and see whether or not it’s registered as finished. You can get project management software to install directly on your systems, or use it as a SaaS application.

HR Software

Your HR department has a lot on their plate, so helping them spread the load around is always a good idea. Payroll and time and attendance can be tracked with specialized software packages that are geared toward helping out with vital HR functions. If you handle payroll yourself, you have to stay on top of the latest laws regarding business payroll and you may have to accommodate yourself to an entirely new set of rules if your business grows substantially. By using a third-party payroll service, however, you need only enter your employees’ information and the service automatically calculates the deductions needed.

Traditional Business Services

Some business services aren’t ones that you would think of when you’re looking for hosted and third-party solutions. You can get help with assistants, your phone system and even your scheduling through hosted services. This takes a lot of the hassle off of your shoulders, as you can count on the company to take care of any issues and installation. That frees you up to take care of other aspects of your business, giving you a platform for growth. While you might want to try to handle everything yourself, you aren’t going to get the most growth out of your business if you do so. Instead, take advantage of the services that are available to your company. Start out small at first and ramp up your production when you see how effective these solutions are.


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